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Marvel Snap: Jeff the Baby Land Shark Decks and Synergies

Jeff the Baby Land Shark Guide

Marvel Snap frequently adds new cards. Most players won’t be able to buy every new card, so this article will be an analysis of Jeff the Baby Land Shark. You  can use this to see if Jeff is a card that you want to spend your tokens on.

Jeff is the second Series 5 addition in April, and his effect is quite flexible. He follows the animal theme of the month, but he doesn’t necessarily synergize with Hit Monkey.

In this article, I’ll be covering what Jeff does, how to use him, and some initial decks to try out.

As meta decks appear with the new card, be sure to stay updated with our Full Deck Tier List to see where Jeff lands.

Let’s get right into the guide.

Jeff the Baby Land Shark Effect

Marvel Snap Jeff the Baby Land Shark

You can move this once. Nothing can stop you from moving or playing this to any location.

  • Colorist – Ryan Kinnaird
  • Artist – Eduardo Mello

Jeff the Baby Land Shark Explained

  • Jeff is just like Nightcrawler in that he can be moved once after playing him.
  • Furthermore, he can be moved AND played to any location, regardless of effects. We’ll cover some synergies he has with other cards below, but he can easily sneak into flooded locations or Sanctum Sanctorum.

Jeff the Baby Shark Synergy

Jeff is able to bypass any effect that would stop him from being played or moved. While it’s easy to understand that he can be played at locked down locations, there are even more synergies you might not have considered.

Another thing to consider is that while Jeff may synergize with restrictive cards, he can also be quite effective at countering other decks that look to lock down locations or limit your play.

Professor X

Marvel Snap Professor X

Ongoing: Lock down this location. (Cards can’t be added, removed, etc.)

The first synergy is with Professor X. Professor X will lock down a location, preventing most cards from entering. However, Jeff the Baby Land Shark can be played into the location, or move into there. This gives you some extra leeway to win a locked down location easily, making it so you only have to win one other location.


Marvel Snap Storm

On Reveal: Flood this location. Next turn is the last turn cards can be played here.

Storm is basically the same synergy as Professor X. Jeff can be played into the flooded location, and he can move into there as well. Do note that other cards that can move can also access the flooded location, so Jeff is not the only one there.

Ebony Maw

Marvel Snap Ebony Maw

You can’t play this after turn 3. Ongoing: You can’t play cards here.

Ebony Maw is another example of a locked location. Ebony Maw will lock your own location early, but you can still play Jeff into that location, or move him there. Once again, other movement cards can do the same thing, but Jeff can be played there, making him a bit more special.

Electro / Sandman

Marvel Snap Electro Marvel Snap Sandman

Electro: On Reveal: +1 Max Energy. Ongoing: You can only play 1 card a turn.

Sandman: Ongoing: Players can only play 1 card a turn.

The last synergy that might not be as obvious is with Electro or Sandman. Usually, these cards make it so that you can only play one card a turn. However, Jeff’s text allows him to be played as the second card, even through these limitations. However, I struggle to see the benefit of running Jeff in Electro or Sandman decks, as you usually have much more powerful cards to play in the later turns. Even still, it’s something that’s worth mentioning.

Jeff the Baby Land Shark Decks

For this section, I’ll be going over some decks that I think can slot Jeff the Baby Land Shark in. These decks will definitely get refined over time, so don’t expect too much from these first impressions.

Jeff Location Lockdown Deck

Marvel Snap Location Jeff Deck

This first deck is a simple lockdown deck using the likes of Daredevil, Storm, and Professor X. While Jeff can synergize well with these cards, I’m not too confident that he improves the deck too much. He may not even be ideal in this type of deck. Even still, with more play, I expect Jeff to find a suitable home.

Jeff Movement Deck

Marvel Snap Movement Jeff Deck

This next deck is a simple movement deck that uses Jeff as a sort of flexible card. Movement has a lot of play lines it can go through, and takes a lot of planning. While you already are good into hard to reach locations like Sanctum Sanctorum, having Jeff can be another surprise play your opponent won’t expect. Being able to move once is quite nice for this deck, as it allows you to be hard to predict, but the deck may not have enough Power to compete with other decks.

Jeff Doom Wave Deck

I’m not going to put a deck here, but you may consider running Jeff into an Electro Ramp style deck with Sandman and the like. However, I don’t think Jeff fits into that archetype much at all, and would rather play other cards. You can still try it out, just take an Electro Ramp deck, and cut a card for Jeff. I don’t imagine it will be beneficial for the deck, but thought I’d mention it anyway.


That wraps up my quick little guide on the new card, Jeff the Baby Land Shark.

While Jeff is a very neat card, (and very cute) I don’t expect him to affect the meta too much. If the Movement archetype gets more support, I can see him fitting in there. But until then, I don’t expect to see too much Jeff in the meta.

Hope this guide helped you out a bit, good luck in your games, and snap away!