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Lost Ark Rift Pieces Guide: How They Work and How You Can Make Gold

How to Maximize Rift Pieces in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, there are a ton of items, rewards, and currencies to keep track of so one of the core fundamentals is understanding how to maximize them.

Gold is one of the most valuable currencies in Lost Ark and there are many different ways you can obtain it (see our Gold guide here).

Using Rift Pieces and Secret Maps is one of the most lucrative ways to make Gold each week right now so let’s dive in and explain it properly.

In this guide, we’ll cover how to get Rift Pieces, spend them, and use them to get a ton of Gold.

Rift Pieces

How do I get Rift Pieces?

Throughout the week you will be able to go into Chaos Gates that will reward you with Rift Pieces after each mini-boss is killed throughout the run.

You can find the times for these in your Procyon’s Eye Compass and they’ll be located in different places for each Tier. You also get some Gold after the auction at the end of each run.

What do I do with Rift Pieces?

You will be able to spend these Rift Pieces on Secret Maps in major cities that give Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 rewards. You’ll have 3 chests every week that you can purchase from each vendor. These can give rare, epic, and even legendary maps depending on the chest.

The quality of the map will determine the rarity of rewards you get including Shard Pouches, Honing modifiers (Star’s Breath, etc), and Engraving recipes.

The main thing we want from these maps are Shard Pouches that drop from the bosses within them. For example, for Tier 1 maps you can get Small, Medium or Large Harmony Shard Pouches.

How do I make Gold with Rift Pieces?

These Shard Pouches are tradeable and can be sold on the Market for a lot of Gold. We want to focus on buying Tier 1 maps as they cost the least Rift Pieces and also give the most Gold currently. This will differ from server to server, Tier 2 materials could be worth more Gold but they will also cost more Rift Pieces to exchange.

There are two vendors you can purchase Tier 1 from. The first is in Vern Castle and the second in Rohendel (shown below). We recommend purchasing the Legendary chests first as if you get a Legendary map you can get Large Harmony Shard Pouches selling for hundreds of Gold.

  • Rare Secret Map -> Small Harmony Shard Pouch
  • Epic Secret Map -> Medium Harmony Shard Pouch
  • Legendary Secret Map -> Large Harmony Shard Pouch

Make even more Gold with Rift Pieces

You can run the secret maps on your own and sell the pouches but the true value comes from doing these as a party. All 4 players will get rewards from the map increasing the value 4x.

If everyone in the party has a map and you run all 4 one after another you will be earning substantially more Gold each week.

This isn’t for everyone, not everyone has a group they play with in Lost Ark yet but there are normally people looking for map groups in chat that you could team up with.

Over time, this strategy will likely earn you less Gold so be sure to use your Rift Pieces wisely now while you can.

Thanks for reading! For more guides, head to our Lost Ark blog.

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