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Lost Ark PVP Deathblade Guide (by RU Rank 1 Deathblade)

Deathblade Guide: Lost Ark PVP

Hello guys!

I’m Shichisu, the #1 RU Deathblade player and grandmaster (currently playing on EU Central).

In this guide Deathblade PVP guide, I will try to help you with my recommendations for builds/stats and combos.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments or on my stream.

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Currently, I’m running only one build for both modes (team elimination and ranked/normals).

Here’s a quick look at one I’m using so you can refer to it, I’ll have explanations of each skill below.

deathblade tripod

Build from lostarkive.com

  • Upper Slash
    • (1) Swift Fingers
    • (1) Fist of Darkness
    • (1) Dark Explosion
  • Spincutter
    • (3) Swift Fingers
  • Moonlight Sonic
    • (1) Fist of Darkness
    • (2) Sustain Enhancement
    • (3) Shade Sonic
  • Dark Axel
    • (1) Swift Fingers
    • (1) Tenacity
    • (2) High Axel
  • Maelstrom
    • (2) Orb Control
    • (1) Dark Order
    • (1) Stabilized Energy
  • Void Strike
    • (1) Swift Fingers
    • (1) Fist of Darkness
    • (1) Dark Explosion
  • Blitz Rush
    • (1) Wide-angle Attack
    • (1) All-round
    • (1) Shadow Rush
  • Head Hunt
    • (1) Quick Preparation
    • (1) Quick Hunt
    • (2) Enhanced Stun
  • Awakening Skill
    • Flash Blink


deathblade stat points

I usually use 750 Swiftness, 249 Domination, and 1 Crit.

Specialization is a good option too. If you want, you could completely switch from 249 Domination to 249 Specialization.

The Identity Skill (Z) is rather OP right now in terms of damage, especially in the last seconds of the match (applies only for 3-3).

Skill Explanations

Here are some insights into my skill choices.

Upper Slash

  • Provides T2 immunity (knock-ups/paralysis effects) with three attacks so the duration of your T2 immunity is something around 2-3 seconds.
  • It’s the best skill to start your combo if you don’t have your stun + it’s a CC with a knockup effect).

Spin Cutter

  • I mostly use this skill to run from enemies or to dodge some skillshots + to close the range between me and the opponent. Rarely for engaging.

Moonlight Sonic

  • It’s nerfed from previous patches so it doesn’t provide as much damage as it used to but it still has big AoE + paralysis immunity.
  • You can use it to save yourself vs such classes like GS/Deadeye/Arcana/etc.

Dark Axel

  • A T2 immunity Dash with Paralysis effect. Nothing else. It’s just a very good mobility skill with immunity.
  • You can use it in both ways – to engage or to run away.


  • One of the most broken buffs in the game. It gives your teammates (and yourself) attack speed + move speed + immunity to ALL PARALYSIS for 5 seconds (the only one minus is its 30 sec CD).
  • It’s the most broken skill to engage into classes like Shadowhunter/Gunslinger/Deadeye.

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Void Strike

  • There are a lot of discussions from other Deathblades about what skill is better than Void Strike. When you’re playing 3-3 ranked or competitive scene (aka tournaments) this skill is absolutely insane in terms of doing damage (it’s around 30k)
  • Plus this skill knocks up the enemy twice so your teammates (like Gunslinger/Sorceress or anybody else) could help you with damage.
  • The only minus – it’s hard to land but if you will master this skill and all possible situations of how to land it safely – you will understand how strong it is.

Blitz Rush

  • Big damage + big AOE + big radius. Can be used in combos or as a start of your combo.
  • Useful to defend yourself or your teammates from range.

Head Hunt

  • The best stun in the game at the moment (IMO). It’s fast, has a low CD, and a long duration – 100% a must-have skill.
  • It’s one of the best options to land your combos or to help your teammates when enemies are on them.
  • Plus it’s a good skill to catch somebody even if you have only stun (so your teammates could do the damage).

Flash Blink

  • This is the one and the only option in terms of Awakening (the 2nd Awakening is troll stuff so it’s not a good option to pick it)
  • Offers big damage and can be landed into your stun or knockups. Plus it’s a crazy anime skill you know? You’re like Minato from Naruto but even better! Blade life.


Basic Combos

Jump to the timestamp in the clip below to see the combos in action:

There are a few ways of doing fundamental combos as a Deathblade.

The first one starts with Upper Slash into Void Strike – then you could go with Moonlight Sonic or Blitz Rush.

If your enemy isn’t glowing with gold/white color (this color means that your target is immune to any kind of CC right now) then don’t hesitate to use your stun into your Void Sstrike so you could use both skills. Blitz Rush + Moonlight Ssonic.

Second, if you catch someone with Dark Axel’s paralysis you’re just doing the same thing. Upper Slash into Void Strike.

Third, if you’ve caught someone with your Head Hunt (stun skill), your next steps are Void Strike, Blitz Rush, and Moonlight Sonic. The same goes with catching somebody with Dark Axel – just rotate your skills to Dark Axel – Head Hunt – Void Strike – Blitz Rush – Moonlight Sonic.

If you don’t have something you could change it to your Z skill. It will do a lot of damage as well + its T2 immunity skill. So feel free to use it as well.

Advanced Combo

Jump to the timestamp in the clip below to see the combos in action:

There’s no such thing as ADVANCED combos for Deathblade. But I found one that is really good and it’s something that every player on Deathblade should try

Land your Blitz Rush – immediately go into your enemy with Dark Axel – Head Hunt to stun him – Void Strike and either Moonlight Sonic or Blitz Rush to finish.

My last advice in terms of combos. Don’t be hesitant to use your Awakening into any of your CCs

For example, if you get two enemies together in your Head Hunt or Upper Slash, use your Void Strike, then Awakening skill + double Z after the end of the animation.

It will increase your damage from Awakening.

Closing Thoughts

This is it for my PVP Deathblade guide for Lost Ark, thanks for stopping by. I hope this article will help you guys.

Be sure to check out my stream to watch me play ranked games and hopefully some EU tournaments as well. You can also check out our Deathblade PvE guide.

All feedback is appreciated!