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The Beginner’s Guide to Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons

Welcome to Chaos Dungeons 101 for Lost Ark

Have you just hit level 50 and looking to start doing end game content? You’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’ll be covering Chaos Dungeons, a game mode comprised of slaying waves of enemies.

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Let us know if you have any questions in the comments. Below you’ll find the topics we’re covering:

What are Chaos Dungeons?

Chaos Dungeon is a daily end game content that is easy to do solo but also fun to do with friends if you wish. The player progresses through three stages by killing large swaths of monsters.

Killing monsters rises the purification level. You can claim your rewards once you reach 100% purification. Each stage is slightly different:

  • 1st stage
    • Waves of monsters will continuously spawn. Kill enough monsters to spawn the portal to the next level.
  • 2nd stage
    • Waves of monsters and minibosses will attack you. Kill enough mini-bosses and monsters to spawn the final boss of the level. You can proceed to the last level once you kill the final boss.3rd stage:
      • Kill monsters to spawn a crystal. Destroy the crystal to spawn a miniboss and more monsters. Repeat this process until your purification level reaches 100%.

After completing the 2nd stage, there’s a chance a gold or a red portal will spawn instead of the normal blue portal.

These are bonus stages. The gold portal will bring you to a treasure room where you kill the lucky creature to get extra loot like gold and materials.

The red portal will take you to a boss room where you must clear the boss in order to get bonus loot and materials. After a bonus level you will be taken to the third stage.

It’s important to know that throughout each stage, there are orbs on the ground that grant you a big movement speed buff as well as reduce the cost of using your skills.

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The crystals on the third stage also drop Transcendence ethers when destroyed which gives a buff for a short time that increases your attack speed and reduces your cooldowns so make sure to spam your skills as much as possible.

There is no resurrect or item limit in Chaos Dungeons but we recommend not to use expensive items or potions and just use Phoenix Plumes for resurrections if you’re having difficulty clearing.

How to Access Chaos Dungeons

You can start Chaos Dungeons at item level 250 upon getting to Vern.

how to access chaos dungeon

The entrance is located in every major city in Arkesia. While in town, you can see it on your map by looking for the icon of a gold and gray winged pillar.

Chaos Dungeon Rewards

Chaos Dungeons drop many mats for character progression:

  • Gear set pieces
  • Accessories
  • Cube & Boss Rush Tickets
  • Honing materials
  • Ability stones
  • Gems
  • Silver
  • Engraving Books
  • Chaos Currency

To get rewards from Chaos Dungeon, you must spend 50 Aura of Resonance when you enter.

chaos dungeon rewards

Every day, each character gets 100 Aura of Resonance so you can get rewards from Chaos

Dungeons twice a day per character. Any leftover Aura of Resonance will be converted into Rest.

aura of resonance

If you don’t have any Aura of Resonance left, you can still enter Chaos Dungeons but instead of your normal rewards, you’ll gain Chaos Currency instead.

chaos currency

Chaos Currency can be exchanged at the Chaos Dungeon Shard Exchange located next to every Chaos Dungeon.

chaos dungeon shard exchange

Here, you can purchase:

  • Honing Materials
  • Engravings
  • Accessories

perception shard chaos dungeon

This currency is roster bound so you can share it between characters if you accidentally acquire too much or still have leftovers when progressing to the next tier.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 materials are restricted to a weekly limit, meaning you can purchase the shop for each character. However, as you progress into Tier 3, the items are all gated by a roster limit.

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