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The Beginner’s Guide to Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeons

Welcome to Abyssal Dungeons 101 for Lost Ark

In this beginner-friendly Abyssal Dungeons guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the end-game content mode.

Note that although this is directed toward “newer” players, you’ll need to hit level 50 and progress far enough in the main quest to unlock it.

So if you aren’t there quite yet, feel free to take a look through our article now and then check back later when you reach it.

Lastly, if you have any specific questions that we didn’t cover, please do ask in the comments below!

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What are Abyssal Dungeons?

Abyssal Dungeon is a weekly content that is a hybrid between Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids. Players progress through the dungeon and fight a boss at the end of each level. Coming prepared is crucial for Abyssal Dungeons as the bosses require knowledge of their unique mechanics in order to prevent party wipes.

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Unlike Guardian Raids, players can regroup, discuss, and retry bosses within the dungeon until they succeed if they fail. If you die during a boss fight, you cannot be respawned until your team succeeds or you restart the fight. Limitations on the number of uses for potions also apply here.

Each character can clear a dungeon one time a week. Clearing a dungeon gives you a gold reward.You are only allowed to receive gold rewards from Abyssal Dungeons 6 times a week across your entire roster.

How to Access Abyssal Dungeons

In addition to what we mentioned in the intro, you can start Abyssal Dungeons at item level 340. The entrance is located in every major city in Arkesia.

abyssal map 1

While in town, you can see it on your map by looking for the icon of a gray gate with a blue crystal.

Abyssal Dungeon Rewards

Abyssal Dungeons drop many rewards that are important to character progression:

  • Abyssal Gear and currency
  • Guaranteed source of early gold for your roster
  • Accessories that are guaranteed to have one of your classes engravings on them
  • Battle and Class Engravings
  • Ability Stones
  • Card Packs
  • Honing Materials

You can pay gold at the end of an Abyssal Dungeon to get a check with additional rewards.

expected rewards 1

We recommend buying the chests when progressing your characters as they will give you additional accessories and materials to help accelerate your growth at a minimal cost.

expected rewards 3

One of the most important aspects of Abyssal Dungeons is the currency they drop.

abyssal dungeon currency

Guardian’s Will, Artisan’s Faith, Elemental’s Fury, and Knight’s Oath

Running all levels of Abyssal Dungeons that provide that currency will afford you enough material for a full gear set.

These can be exchanged at Abyss Equipment Crafter which can be found in every city.

abyssal map 2

When you talk to the crafter, you’ll be able to select any piece of gear and craft it provided you have the materials.

abyss gear

Any Abyss Dungeon gear can be dismantled to get back the exact cost it takes to craft it! If you dropped multiple pieces of the same gear in the dungeon, you can dismantle one to purchase a different piece.

This lets you easily get a full Abyss gear set after you clear a full set of Abyss Dungeons. You can also use this mechanic to reroll the quality on your gear by continuously dismantling and recrafting for your desired quality.

It costs a bit of silver so we recommend rerolling for high quality on your weapon for more damage but not your armor pieces.

Gear Transfer

Once you obtain your purple epic Abyss set, you can transfer the item level of your blue rare set at the Gear Honing NPC at zero risk and free of charge. This lets you seamlessly progress your gear within a tier by gaining useful set bonuses from the Abyssal Dungeon gear.

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