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LoR Seasonal Tournament: Deck Predictions

Riot Tournament Deck Predictions

Hey all, this is Precipic here to talk about what I expect the most played decks to be for the upcoming Seasonal Tournament this weekend.

I will be taking a data-driven approach where I look at the most played decks in Master and Diamond which is where I expect the most number of players to come from for the tournament.

For more info on the tournament, check out our recent guide, Everything You Need To Know about LoR’s Seasonal Tournament.

Using the Meta Stats page on Mobalytics we get a snapshot that looks like this.

Here, you can see that you can find stats like win rates, play rates, and more for different deck archetypes.

Meta Stats

Note that the data from this sample is filtered to be from the Diamond – Master ranks.

Draven Ezreal

Draven Ez (LoR Deck)


[See Draven Ezreal deck details]

At the top, is a deck that I am expecting to be one of the most played decks in the tournament and one I will personally be bringing.

Draven Ezreal is a deck that benefits incredibly hard from the recent Ezreal buffs allowing it to play a slow burn plan that gives it play in a ton of matchups.

This deck can often deal 6-8 damage to you early with its various value creatures and champions and then burn you out from there with Captain Farron.
Captain Farron (LoR Card)
It also has access to what I consider one of the most powerful cards in the game at the moment when you can make it work, Tri-beam Improbulator.
Tri-beam Improbulator (LoR Card)
This card once it reaches enough damage can create some of the most disgusting swings turns out there and if you get lucky on your unit it can even let you win some pretty bad matchups.

Overall, Draven Ezreal has a good shot in a ton of matchups and you should be ready to face it in this tournament.

Fearsome Aggro

Fearsome Aggro (LoR Deck)


[See Fearsome Aggro deck details]

The next deck I want to mention is Fearsome Aggro. There are a lot of different versions of this deck including the classic build with Noxian Fervor, but the most common build of the deck right now has to be the Pale Cascade, Mark of the Isles, and Harrowing build.
Pale Cascade (LoR card)Mark of the Isles (LoR Card)
This was a list that was popularized in the recent EU Masters tournament and really has taken hold on the ladder. The basic concept is just to play efficient Fearsome units and buff them so both don’t die and your opponent takes more damage. If they aren’t dead by turn 6 or 7 then try to kill them with Harrowing.
the harrowing (LoR card)
The deck is incredibly straightforward with what it’s trying to do, and that’s a big part of its strength. Almost every game this deck will be able to put your opponent in a spot where if they don’t have enough Fearsome blockers then they just die.

A stand out card in this deck (and probably the tournament as a whole) is Doombeast.
Doombeast (LoR card)
This card is just an absurd tool for racing the opponent, both providing a 4 point life swing and sticking around to both pressure and hold off the opponent. Getting this card off of Stalking Shadows usually just wins games late game.

The other standout card is definitely Frenzied Skitterer. This card is the backbone of every Fearsome deck by invalidating almost every Fearsome blocker you face.

Frenzied Skitterer (LoR Card)

Overall, I expect this deck to be incredibly popular in the tournament.

BWSI Go Hard

Elise TF GP (LoR Deck)


[See BWSI Go Hard deck details]

The last deck I’m writing about here is one I expect to see the most of. Bilgewater Shadow Isles Go Hard in my opinion will be the deck of the tournament.

This deck has the ability to generate some of the biggest blowout board states in the entire game as early as turn 5. The ability to consistently and quickly cast Pack Your Bags is incredibly powerful and is often an auto-win in most matchups.
Pack Your Bags (LoR card)
The Bilgewater version of Go Hard does this the most consistently because of the very high percentage that Zap Sprayfin finds Go Hard. However, if this was the only thing the deck did it probably wouldn’t be as popular as it is.

The big thing this deck does over most decks is that it has the ability to mix and match some pretty powerful cards for whatever matchup it’s trying to beat.

If control is too difficult, then you can play Commander Ledros, if aggro is too difficult then you can play Withering Wail, if midrange is too hard you can play The Ruination, if weird combo decks like Tahm Kench Soraka are too hard then you can play Crumble, the list goes on.
Commander Ledros (LoR card)The Ruination (LoR card)

And the best thing about this deck is that it draws so many cards that you will see these powerful matchup-specific cards almost every game. Bilgewater Shadow Isles Go hard combines three things that are incredibly powerful for a deck to have, its best draws are incredibly hard to beat, it’s incredibly consistent at executing its gameplan, and it can be built to beat a wide variety of decks. These factors make it a force to be reckoned with for the tournament.

Closing Thoughts

One last note that I want to make on this tournament. Riot has done an incredible job balancing this game and as such, no deck is more than 10% of the metagame.

Therefore, for the tournament, expect an incredibly wide variety of decks that weren’t listed here. I’m expecting his tournament’s metagame to be as diverse as the ladder is currently.

The implications for you as a player are that you should be looking to play decks that you consider to be both powerful and that you are comfortable on. Try your best in the event this weekend, good luck to everyone.

Thanks for reading, for more deck stats, check out our LoR Meta Stats tool. Good luck in the tournament if you’re competing!