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LoR Deck Guide: Feel the Rush Warmother’s

How to Play Feel the Rush / Warmother’s (Monuments of Power)

Feel The Rush Warmother’s is a potent new version of the Warmother’s archetype that has arrived with the addition of the five new K/DA cards.

ftr warmothers precipic


[See Feel the Rush Warmother’s deck details]

Although you can still use Warmother’s Caller as your main finisher, you can swap it out for Feel the Rush to have more success in more aggressive metas (more on this later).

Here is the older decklist for Warmother’s as a comparison:

rattlingbones warmother


[See Warmother’s deck details]

In this in-depth guide, our Glimpse Beyond experts, Rattlingbones and Precipic, will be teaching you how to play the archetype by covering its win conditions, mulligans, matchups, and more.

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Win Conditions

Basically, you want to always try to ramp on turn 3 and follow-up with a Trundle on turn 4.

wydring stones jpg

trundle level 1 jpg

If that’s not possible, you want to try and stabilize the board with Avalanche + pings (Vile Feast and/or Unspeakable Horror)

Either way, once you’ve stabilized the board, you’re trying to find your late game win conditions (Warmother’s/Feel The Rush).

Feel the Rush will often feel a little different in that it can actually help you stabilize the board on your opponent’s turn while also providing you with a huge swing on yours.

feel the rush 1.13

On the other hand, Warmother’s Call will essentially run away with the game by providing endless value turn after turn.

warmother's call jpg

It’s also worth noting that you can steal a lot of the games you play by just having two main ramp cards, Trundle, and Tryndamere.

It’s really hard to deal with a turn 6 leveled Trundle + Pillar + Tryndamere for most decks out there.

The Mulligan Phase

Your mulligan phase will be largely dictated by whether you’re against an aggro or non-aggro deck. We’ll be covering both situations in this section.

To test your opening hand for any deck, all you have to do is use the Stating Hand Simulator tool found within every deck on our site.

Against Aggro

ftr warmother starting hand simulator vs aggro

Wydring Stone is one of the cards that we’re always looking for into aggro matchups. Given its 0|4 statline, it can block out damage while helping you reach your goal of ramping up into a Trundle or a 5 drop unit.

Avalanche or Withering Wail are also good keeps depending on the aggro match you’re against. For example, Avalanche is usually better into decks like Scouts and Nightfall.

Ping spells are very useful in limiting early aggression. Vile Feast is more or less an auto keep in a lot of the aggro matchups you play whereas Unspeakable Horror is usually kept with Avalanche.

Vile Feast’s spider is can be valuable and since it will likely block out up to 3+ damage in the earlier stages of the game.

If you’re playing Feel Rush, we have ample damage that we can put out on turn 7 (assuming we’ve ramped up twice).

To that end, we’re trying to stabilize our health and reduce our opponent’s widening board. Tavern Keeper does this exceptionally well given his 3|3 body.

Against Non-Aggro

ftr warmother starting hand simulator non aggro

The purpose of the deck is to ramp up into its win conditions (WMC and/or Feel the Rush) so look to keep your ramp options against non-aggro decks.

Any deck that can’t punish you in the early game and go wider than you will often lose out to the speed in which you can get out your threats.

Trundle is straight up the best mid game stabilizer. It single-handedly will slow the game down to the pace that you want while transitioning into a late game threat.

Other opening cards depend on very specific matchups, so the key things to take away are:

How important is it to slow the game down?

If very relevant in the matchup, keeping freeze cards in addition to ramp might be viable.

How important is it to remove big threats?

If very relevant in the matchup, keeping a Vengeance in addition to ramp cards might be viable.

Key Cards


atrocity jpg

This card is straight up the best finisher in the game. If you can land this without your opponent being able to react, the card essentially turns into a 6 mana deal 10+ damage.

This is one of the biggest reasons why this archetype is so scary.

When playing Atrocity, try to keep in mind how likely it is for your opponent to have answers like Flash Freeze or Vengeance.

Another big thing to consider is understanding how far behind you are in a game and whether your odds to win go up if you wait on your Atrocity or not.

For example, if my opponent has the option of attacking for lethal the next turn, regardless of what I draw in the mirror, and I have Atrocity in hand, EVEN if I think that they have removal, I should go for the Atrocity because my odds are better for it to land then if I waited and let them draw an extra card.

Warmother’s Call vs Feel the Rush

warmother's call jpg

feel the rush 1.13

These two cards fulfill a very similar role in this archetype. Both are basically game-ending threats that are fairly difficult to interact with. There is a pretty big debate about which one is better.

In general, Feel the Rush is better in an aggro metagame because it allows you to include cards like Kindly Tavernkeeper to be in your deck and just completely obliterate those matchups.

However, in the mirror, the deck running Warmothers should basically always win.

This is because the Warmother’s deck can easily just play Flash Freeze, Harsh Winds, and/or Vengeance to answer the two units from Feel the Rush and then play its Warmother’s Call and have access to basically infinite value.

As such, it is better to play Feel The Rush if almost all of the decks you’re facing are aggro, otherwise, you should just play Warmothers.

Good Matchups

These decks do have the majority of the meta game in their favor (other than aggro) so you really shouldn’t be losing to most if not all of the mid range, tempo, control, and/or combo decks.

ft warmothers best matchups

The biggest reason for why we win these matchups is due to our high statted units coming down a turn earlier. Trundle, for example, comes with a crazy statline (4/6) on turn 4.

Alpha Wild Claw, again, with its beastly stat line of 7/6 comes down on 5.

These big threats also have Overwhelm which makes blocking them basically impossible. Combo that with Atrocity and this deck’s closing power is incredibly quick for a control deck.

If a deck is trying to play a super long game against this, if we ever land a Warmother’s Call, it’s just a free win and even Feel The Rush wins most of the time in the same situations.

Bad Matchups

Scouts, as of late, has started to play Blinding Assault. The card is pretty crazy when combined with Miss Fortune & Sharp Sight.

scouts 10-30

Not only that but the fact that Scouts are able to play wide boards and Ranger Resolve allows them to run through any single unit blocker.

And let’s not forget about those painful Relentless Pursuits that auto-win games :).

Tech Choices

Grasp of the Undying

  • Run if you need more answers to 3 health threats like Draven.

Withering Wail

  • Add if you want answers to swarm strategies involving Stygian Onlooker or other 1 health units.

Revitalizing Roar

  • Always great over the top heal vs aggro.

Harsh Winds

  • Really good card for Warmothers mirrors.

Unspeakable Horror

  • Great if you need more pings to deal with aggro strategies like Discard.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Rattlingbones during his streams (every weeknight @9PM EST).

Bones streams at twitch.tv/rattlingbones_ every weeknight @9PM EST