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Call of the Mountain LoR Card Reveals: Diana (Pale Cascade, Hush, and More)

Our Thoughts on Diana’s Card Reveal Package (Call of the Mountain)

A new moon is rising…Diana has officially been unveiled as the next Targon champion in Legends of Runeterra’s Call of the Mountian expansion!

Here are all the cards that were part of her reveal package:

  • Diana (Targon champion)
  • Pale Cascade (Targon spell, Diana’s champion spell)
  • Cygnus the Moonstalker (Targon follower)
  • Hush (Targon spell)
  • Poro Cannon (Piltover & Zaun spell)

Many of these cards involve Nightfall, a brand new keyword, that was revealed during the first Shadow Isles Call of the Mountain reveal, so be sure to check that out if you missed it.

Stick around as our Glimpse Beyond experts, Precipic and Swim, give their thoughts on Diana and the other revealed cards.


lor diana level 1 reveal

  • Diana (level 1)
    • 2 mana 2|2
    • Quick Attack
    • Text – Nightfall: Give me Challenger this round.
    • Level Up condition – You’ve activated Nightfall 4+ times.

lor diana level 2 reveal

  • Diana (level 2)
    • 2 mana 3|3
    • Quick Attack
    • Text – Night or when you activate another Nightfall: Give me +2|+0 and Challenger this round.

Diana is a constant removal tool for a Nightfall deck. She’s somewhat comparable to Lee Sin in effect in that she will be able to kill most units for free every turn on her level up. Pre-level, up she is a big threat to 2 health units.

Precipic: This card seems pretty viable. It’s auto-include in the Nightfall deck, the question is, just how good will the Nightfall deck be?

Swim: The Nightfall archetype is more held back by the Shadow Isles side than anything else; with a bit more support from Targon’s end, I could see a viable Nightfall package that doesn’t run Shadow Isles.

Pale Cascade

lor pale cascade reveal

  • Pale Cascade
    • 2 mana spell, Burst speed
    • Text – Give an ally +2|+1 this round. Shuffle a Diana into your deck. Nightfall: Draw 1.

Pale Cascade provides a lot of value for a combat trick. +2/+1 will let units trade up or live that otherwise wouldn’t, and the Nightfall draw a card effect means that it just helps make your deck more consistent. It also does a lot to help Diana level.

Precipic: I think this is another of those cards that’s pretty close to auto-include in Targon decks.

Swim: This card baits you into thinking it’s a Diana support card when really, it’s a BIG Taric/Arbiter support.

Cygnus the Moonstalker

lor cygnus the moonstalker reveal

  • Cygnus the Moonstalker
    • 6 mana 4|2
    • Text – Nightfall: Give me and an ally Elusive this round.

Cygnus works best as a finisher in a Nightfall deck, allowing your non-Elusives to push through damage that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to push through.

Precipic: Not a fan of this card, it seems very slow and clunky.

Swim: Elusives are great but they want a combo finish with a bunch of cheap Elusives, and instead, this one is over-costed.


lor hush reveal

  • Hush
    • 3 mana spell, Burst speed
    • Text – Silence a unit this round. Create a Fleeting Hush in hand.

Hush has a lot of utility against decks focused on combat tricks and buffs. It’s very good against Braum decks, Fiora decks, and almost any deck looking to go all-in on its champions. It’s also a good counter to cards like Harsh Winds.

Precipic: I despise this card. A lots of the cool decks I’ve built I am not going to play because of this.

Swim: A solid card, it’ll probably have a reasonably low playrate but it will be very unhealthy for meta diversity and will likely get tweaked.

Poro Cannon

lor poro cannon reveal

  • Poro Cannon
    • 0 mana spell, Burst speed
    • Text – To play, discard 1. Create 2 Daring Poros in hand.

Poro Cannon does a lot in Discard Aggro being a 0 mana Discard trigger that generates value does a lot for that deck.

It probably goes in Poro decks too because 2 Elusive Poros is good with Poro Snax.

Precipic: This card potentially has some broken synergies, generating 2 Elusives from 1 card creates some potentially broken combos.

Swim: It has applications in MANY concepts; Discard, Poro Snax, Von Yipp, Subpurrsible, Mind Meld – all meme strategies that this actually makes a lot better.

Thanks for reading! Keep an eye out for the rest of our analysis as more cards come out and be sure to revisit our previous impressions for the set.