5 Champions That Counter Ahri

5 Champions That Counter Ahri

5 Champions Who Counter Ahri

Ahri is a poster champion for League of Legends. She is very popular, has tons of skins, and is pretty much enjoyed by everyone in the community. Because of her popularity, you must learn how to play against her. Her ASU also hit the live servers on patch 13.2 after a very long time.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will break down 5 champions that are good into Ahri. Picking one of these champions against her will make the laning phase so much easier.

If you’re interested in learning how to play as Ahri, check out Ahri’s champion page. You’ll find their latest builds, runes, combos, and much, much more.

What champions counter Ahri?

  1. Fizz
  2. Yasuo
  3. Annie
  4. Anivia
  5. Zoe

5 champions that counter Ahri are Fizz, Yasuo, Annie, Anivia, and Zoe. You can find all the matchup tips we use in this guide on the Mobalytics App.

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1. Ahri vs Fizz

Fizz can prevent Ahri from charming him with his E. As long as he keeps it off cooldown or waits for her to use her E beforehand, he should be able to win any exchange. The early laning phase is rough, but after Fizz gets a few levels under his belt, he will do just fine into her.

4 tips to counter Ahri as Fizz

  • Try to keep the wave even or closer to your side of the map early. This will allow you to all in Ahri but also prevent her from zoning you and denying you farm.
  • Before level 3, play relatively safe and focus on farming unless she walks into range. Focus on farming and dodging her Q’s. If you get hit by a few, you may be unable to look for an all-in in the future.
  • After level 3 and up to level 6, whenever Ahri walks up to the farm, use your W>Q and auto-attack her and then E on top of her to get a good trade onto her. Ideally, try to bait out her E before looking to trade.
  • At level 6, you will have your Ultimate that increases your kill potential on her. But, Ahri’s Ultimate allows her to dash away. The only way you can kill her is to wait for her to use her Ultimate, wait for her to run out of mana, or hit level 6 first. With her Ult up, it will be harder for you to kill her.

2. Ahri vs Yasuo

Ahri’s primary all-in tool is her E. If Yasuo reserves his Windwall for her E, she will never be able to look for an all-in. Post 6, he can easily bait out her Ultimate, and while it’s on cooldown, he can look to abuse her.

4 tips to counter Ahri as Yasuo

  • Your W is the bane of Ahri’s existence in this lane as it forces her to be in melee range of you. Use it to block abilities like Ahri’s E.
  • Always try to hit Ahri with your tornado in this lane. CC is her worst enemy, and once you have your Ultimate, you should be able to shut her down.
  • When staying in between minions, be sure not to get minions blocked while dodging her Q. That ability can do a significant amount of damage if your Passive bar is not filled.
  • Keep the wave on your side of the lane. This will let you set up ganks on her and will also give you ample opportunities to all-in her with your Ultimate.

3. Ahri vs Annie

While Annie is quite immobile, post 6 Ahri will never be able to engage or fight you if you hold your stun. Furthermore, Ahri will not be able to use her Ultimate aggressively as you can just cast your Tibbers on her.

4 tips to counter Ahri as Annie

  • You should save your E for whenever she engages on you post-6. It makes it easier to dodge her abilities and reduces the damage from what you can’t dodge. Save your stun for whenever she dashes towards you.
  • Ahri’s E increases her damage and guarantees that the rest of it hits. Avoid this by either dodging it or standing behind minions. When it’s down, that’s your time to get aggressive.
  • Ahri can clear the wave much quicker than you, so you should instead focus on pressuring her with your abilities instead of using them on the wave.
  • Ahri is capable of dealing a lot of damage at level 2 with her E>Q combo. Stand behind minions and utilise your Q to trade back.

4. Ahri vs Anivia

Ahri is a mage, but also an assassin at the same time. Assassins or any champion with burst damage will find it hard to go through Anivia, and then her Egg straight afterwards. She can also use her Ultimate to keep Ahri pushed into her tower and unable to roam or help her allies.

4 tips to counter Ahri as Anivia

  • Do not use your Q aggressively post 6. Only use it defensively as without your Q up, Ahri has the potential to all in and either kill you, blow Summoner Spells or even force your Passive.
  • When trading, make sure to sidestep after retreating to avoid her E. Your pathing will be generally quite scripted- so be sure to mix up your gameplay to make it less obvious.
  • Ahri is extremely mobile and will look to roam. Keep the lane pushed when she leaves lane to either force her to return or give up CS and experience from roaming. In addition, have the bot side river bush warded so you can see which route she takes if she roams bot.
  • Try to stay to the side and away from the minion wave. Ahri will be looking to push the wave quickly, and if you’re stood inside the wave, she will be able to push and poke at the same time. Stand away from the minion wave but close to it.

5. Ahri vs Zoe

Zoe’s E is a great tool to prevent all-ins. If she keeps it up post-6, Ahri cannot look for aggressive plays. Furthermore, Zoe’s E can force Ahri to use her Ultimate defensively if she can land it on her post 6.

4 tips to counter Ahri as Zoe

  • Landing your E is going to be your primary target in this lane. You may use the terrain to do so but make sure that you are not in direct range of Ahri’s E.
  • Always look for opportunities to use your Q in such a way that it hits both minions as well as Ahri. Doing so frequently will effortlessly win you the lane.
  • The balloon minions will be important in this lane as the W powerups they can provide can allow you to destroy Ahri. Don’t let even one of them go to waste and prioritise those minions over the others.
  • The wave is to be kept near your tower initially. Once you get your Ultimate, you should be able to push more freely in this lane and keep the wave in the middle of the lane.


Try and pick one of these champions the next time you see Ahri being picked up in the mid-lane. You’ll have a much easier time in lane if you pick one of these champs!

For more tips and tricks for Ahri, check out Ahri’s champion page on Mobalytics!