League of Legends 9.5 Patch Notes Breakdown

League of Legends 9.5 Patch Notes Breakdown

Welcome to our Mobalytics 9.5 LoL Patch Notes Breakdown!

In this patch notes breakdown, our three experts analyze the most impactful changes for the 9.5 League of Legends patch update. We discuss the buffs, nerfs, and adjustments regarding champions, items, and Summoner’s Rift itself to understand the patch’s effect on the meta for all roles.

We recommend following along with the 9.5 patch notes since we won’t be listing all the specific stat changes. Head to our 9.5 tier list if you’re looking for champions to climb with this patch!

Patch 9.5’s impact on the roles

State of Top Lane: Kellen – “Exil”

  • We’ve seen the rise of Conqueror champs such as Riven, Jax, Yorick, and Kled for top. However, that keystone has been nerfed two consecutive times in the course of two weeks, which does mean that Riot is trying to push it out more and more. On top of that, we did see some nerfs to Yorick.
  • For now, these champions are still going to perform well with the keystone, but keep an eye out on them in the next week or two because they might not be as strong as before.
  • Tanks will probably work their way back into the game soon as tanks are really good with enchanters such as Soraka, who keep them alive forever. The popularity of these types of supports will be higher because of the nerfs to the Relic line, so watch out for Maokai + Ivern + Soraka combos.

State of Mid/Jungle: Adam – “Moriarty”

  • Not much has changed for mid lane this patch. The Conqueror changes don’t impact many mid laners so overall, the role is still about roaming and keeping lane priority to aid your jungler. Laners with high kill potential early game, CC, and skirmishing ability, like Sylas, are strongest in this meta. Depending on how things turn out, Akali could make a small comeback with her buffs.
  • As for the jungle, the nerfs to Conqueror and Aftershock aren’t impactful enough to shift power. Right now, champions with high early ganking power are still the best. Nunu received a nerf but is a god-tier champion anyway, Rek’sai is also still the reigning Queen of the Jungle and won’t be impacted too much. New and upcoming junglers due to some changes are Skarner and Vi but due to being ult reliant, they are a tier below our S tier roster who commonly do not rely on ults to pull ganks off consistently.

State of Bot lane (Carry + Support): Hewitt – “prohibit”

  • Bot lane received a few changes this patch, most notably, Relic Shield & Aftershock nerfs hit melee champs that want to pressure and all-in enchanters.
  • Stormrazor changes make it a more enticing option for Energize focused builds in the late game while the Cut Down changes also improve Marksmen late-game prowess.
  • Overall we will see enchanters and any support that can punish enchanters, like Thresh, be solid and scaling marksmen are continuing to rise in stock.

Buffs, nerfs, and adjustments

Major changes:

Akali (buffed)

  • Akali is seeing some love after getting absolutely eviscerated in her last rounds of nerfs.
  • The changes to her passive and W will give some power to her shroud play patterns.
  • Damage increases to her E and shorter cooldowns across the board for her ultimate will improve her offensive capabilities.
  • However, overall our experts still think she won’t be that great as a solo queue pick up. If you’ve stayed as an Akali main since her nerfs, let us know how you like these buffs.

Neeko (buffed)

  • Neeko has been a pro pick in Asia but has finally emerged in the West with TSM’s recent pick.
  • This is a buff/quality of life hybrid as the change was partly made to simplify Neeko’s gameplay.
  • Her E, Tangle Barbs now has a longer root effect on all enemies after hitting the first enemy, rather than trying to make you land it on a particular last target.

Rakan (buffed)

  • Rakan is another champion that was nerfed to the ground so he could be slowly rebuilt.
  • These buffs to his W are good enough for him to make a return to our tier list, at B-tier for the general list and high-ELO.

Skarner (buffed)

  • Spires captures will no longer be revealed on the mini-map and now they will help him clear Krugs and Raptors.
  • These changes will improve his ability to clear camps and reduce the counterplay of his opponents.
  • If you’d like to learn more about Skarner, check out our 9.5 tier list as he’s the pick of the patch for our expert, Moriarty.

Vi (adjusted, but mostly buffed)

  • Vi seems like she has a lot going on this patch but the TLDR is that she’s transitioning from being a semi-AD assassin diver kind of thing to being more of a tankier, bruiser presence.
  • We recommend trying her out with Aftershock (yes even though it’s nerfed), and build somewhere along the lines of Trinity Force into Sterak’s into Spear of Shojin.

Minor champion changes

Cho’gath (buffed)

  • Cho is one of those tanks that has a tough laning phase but becomes a literal monster late game.
  • With E being his most used ability in the early game, this is nice but won’t be super impactful. At least in the current meta, you won’t see him on this patch’s tier list.

Dr. Mundo (buffed)

  • With increased magic resist to his E, the doc is becoming a nice niche pick into teams with double AP.
  • Unfortunately, with AD marksmen returning to marksmen, it’s rarer to see double AP carry compositions.
  • Mundo may have a nice place in a future meta if AP becomes more common, but for now, he’s still a situational choice as he struggles against current strong Top laners like Riven and Yorick.

Gangplank (buffed)

  • GP is getting early game buffs to his kegs and more damage for his ultimate across the board.
  • These are buffs are more impactful for high-ELO where you’ll see him at B-tier on our tier list, but won’t be enough to be a strong pick at lower-ELOs.

Graves (buffed)

  • This buff may signal a change that Riot wants scaling junglers to have their time in the spotlight again.
  • The increase in his AD base stats will improve Graves’s early game clear and make him more viable against the current strong early game junglers.
  • It isn’t the Graves meta again just yet – we’ll see him at B-tier for both of our tier lists.

Jhin (buffed)

  • Lane bullies like Jhin may be losing steam to scalers pretty soon, but these buffs to his grenade will help him stay a strong pick in the meantime.
  • He was an A-tier pick for us previously, so these changes will make him more of an A+ pick for us for the general list (still not quite enough to be S).

Nunu & Willump (nerfed)

  • Despite these slight nerfs, Nunu will still be a jungle god (as we mentioned in the role commentary earlier).
  • Although it isn’t listed, the invisible snowball bug from fog of war has been fixed (finally).

Tryndamere (buffed)

  • The changes to Tryndamere’s passive will give his crits more consistency and easier build access (since he’ll only need two items).
  • He’ll be a B-tier top laner in both of our lists this patch.

Sylas (nerfed)

  • This nerf to his W isn’t that substantial, Sylas will still be a force to be reckoned with.
  • As we mentioned in our role commentary, he’s a top pick, especially in high-ELO where you’ll see him in S.
  • For the general playerbase, he’ll be strong as well – he’s an A-tier choice for our guest curator, Midbeast.

Yorick (nerfed)

  • The premier solo queue split-pusher is taking hits from these nerfs to his early game as well as from the Conqueror changes. That being said, our experts still believe that he’ll be dominant in the current meta, being S-tier in our general list and A-tier in our high-ELO list.


Aftershock (nerfed)

  • In a game like League, a few seconds can feel like an eternity (just think of when you get hit by a Morgana bind).
  • Although it’s a bug fix, the resist duration decreasing from 3 to 2.5 could be quite significant.
  • That being said, Aftershock was already incredibly strong before the nerfs so it should still be quite solid for some picks, just less of a default choice.

Conqueror (nerfed)

  • These are pretty big nerfs but there were so many champions laners taking Conqueror (especially in the top lane) so it’s sort of hard to really point out the losers.
  • The champions that may see a boost are the ones that didn’t really use it, like Garen, Teemo, Singed, and Malzahar.

Cut Down (buffed)

  • As Prohibit mentioned in his role commentary for bot lane, the changes to Cut Down make it more enticing for late game marksmen.


Relic Shield Line (nerfed)

  • This is sort of a strange change in regards to solo queue since ranged supports have reigned supreme for a long time now.
  • It makes much more sense when you take a look at the competitive play landscape where melee supports like Tahm Kench, Alistar, and Braum are permapicked.
  • You guessed it, the rich are getting richer as melee supports will have much less sustain and poke supports like Sona and Nami will be even better.

Stormrazor (buffed)

  • Stormrazor wasn’t seeing any love after the recent crit item changes and these slight buffs probably still won’t make it a must build item.
  • It’ll still be a niche pick for Energized build paths, you probably won’t see it that much otherwise.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed this patch breakdown. How do you feel about this patch? Let us know in the comments. As always, if you have any questions, find us in our Discord

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