League of Legends 9.3 Patch Notes Breakdown

League of Legends 9.3 Patch Notes Breakdown

Welcome to our Mobalytics 9.3 Patch Notes Breakdown!

In this series, we analyze and breakdown the most impactful changes for every patch. We’ll go over buffs, nerfs, and gameplay changes as you’d expect, but we’ll also have a section where our three high-ELO Mobalytics experts provide insight on how the patch affects each role.

Here are the 9.3 patch notes for reference. We won’t be listing the stats of every change so make sure to have the notes open if you’re looking for those.

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Patch 9.3’s impact on the roles

State of Top Lane: Kellen – “Exil”

  • That’s a big spear…Spear of Shojin has to be a major talking point of top lane this patch. Many champions who can use and abuse this will start to see a lot of play because of it, keep an eye out for Renekton, Darius, Riven, and Fiora. This means that champions who counter it, such as Singed, can be great as well as a potential pick to start climbing with.
  • Also, on the same note, because of Camille’s massive jungle nerf, no longer being able to stun camps and Scuttle, this means she will most likely seem some top lane play again, so expect to see her too.
  • Top laners in the early parts of Season 9 should be trying to group more often. Right now, Dragons and early towers typically mean you win the game. The game length is slightly longer than in late Season 8, so also tanks are quite a bit better as well. So, although the Spear being added into the game means that bruisers will be better, Sion and Urgot should still be doing well.

State of Mid/Jungle: Adam – “Moriarty”

  • With the changes to junglers going more low econ due to experience changes, you’ll be seeing more champions like Sejuani and Ivern rise up in the ranks. This, of course, will impact mid lane as currently, the most successful mids are ones that skirmish and pick people off well. However, with the increase of utility from the jungle role as well as enchanters potentially coming back for Support, that style of mid might not do as well.
  • Expect more mage style champs like Vel’koz and Orianna to become more popular in the upcoming patches due to their ability to get lane priority while also scaling well so that they can DPS down the bigger frontlines that will appear.

State of Bot lane (Carry + Support): Hewitt – “prohibit”

  • Bot lane is getting a major overhaul in itemization. Stormrazor is being shifted over to a more late game scaling item instead of the premier one item power spike. It still gives desirable stats for a one item spike but the values and the cost have been made much less efficient.
  • Crit Marksmen get a lot of new goodies with Phantom Dancer being overall better for survivability and kiting on Marksmen, Stormrazor giving an amazing buff to RFC + Fleet Footwork builds in the late game, and Essence Reaver giving back good build paths to champions like Sivir and Xayah. Their potential scaling into 3+ item phase of the game seems improved but we will have to see if the meta slows down enough to let that be a viable line of play.

Buffs, nerfs, and adjustments

Aatrox (nerfed)

  • Prepare yourselves, there’s a lot of pain coming to some of the “reworked” champions. Aatrox starts off the axing with the loss of his double-dash. This is an unfortunate change because it sort of removes a lot of his skill expression and what made his kit fun. He’ll also have worse trade potential, worse escape potential, and less all-in potential…gg.
  • The removal of the healing against non-champions is just another nail in the coffin for what was left of anyone still trying to jungle with him.
  • He’s receiving some slight buffs to his base stats (health regen and health regen growth) but it’s nowhere near enough to make up for his losses.

Akali (nerfed)

  • Next up on the reworked champ chopping block is the very controversial Akali. Despite consistent poor win rates in solo queue, her play style just isn’t that fun to play against for most players.
  • Riot is removing the much-hated turret avoidance aspect of her Shroud, as well as the healing component of her Q. This removes a lot of her dive potential and will make playing her be much riskier in general, both offensively and defensively.
  • She’s getting a slight increase in base regen, but like Aatrox, not really enough to make a difference.

Camille (nerfed)

  • In this patch, we’ll see Riot start to lean toward pushing champs that are good in multiple lanes to be more intended for a single lane.
  • With Camille’s E being no longer able to stun minions or monsters, her ability to jungle will be hit hard as she’ll have difficulty clearing healthily
    • Our expert, Moriarty thought that she was already on the decline in the jungle, this could make her basically unplayable in the role.
  • The E change also hurts her ability to trade in top lane since she won’t be able to stun minion waves.

Cassiopeia (nerfed)

  • This shouldn’t be too surprising, Cass has been exceeding the expectations of her design – what we mean by this is that she’s intended to be a late-game monster but she’s more of a lane bully in the early game.
  • These nerfs will have her fall more in line with her original intention as she’s taking a hit to her early and mid game as W max will no longer be a viable option (mana costs too high).
  • Time will tell how her mains will adjust her builds, she may indeed revert back to previous scaling build styles.

Irelia (adjusted, nerfed for mid lane)

  • Overall, Irelia is being shifted away from attack damage and toward attack speed builds, and away from mid lane and more towards the top lane.
  • Looks like they realized they went a little overboard with the Q nerfs from previous patches so it’s receiving some damage increases to minions.
  • W is changing so that it’s stronger against physical damage and useless against magic damage – as we mentioned earlier, this will make many matchups incredibly hard in the mid lane. Irelia might be okay against AP top lane champions like Rumble if Wit’s End becomes a good option for her.

Lissandra (nerfed)

  • Liss isn’t taking too hard of a hit – her Q is becoming a bit more expensive mana-wise and her E is losing some damage and receiving a QoL buff for her enemies (they’ll be able to see the endpoint more easily).
  • Overall, she should still be pretty viable, just a bit harder to play.

Sion (nerfed)

  • This is a reworked champ that escaped the big nerfs – he’ll be taking a hit but still be pretty good. Before 9.3, he was just too good as an inevitably huge tank. He could often get 5k health by level 15 due to his passive.
  • The damage nerfs to his Q will affect his early game laning and his W CD nerf will limit the spammability of his shield and slow his waveclear a bit.

Zyra (nerfed)

  • Seems like Riot has been watching Zyra closely recently as she’s receiving another nerf. She’s been too much of a monster in lane! Last time they hit her mana, now her plant damage is up for the nerf bat.
  • She’ll still be pretty good, but likely not S-tier. Her strength also depends on how strong ADCs are – if they’re powerful again, Zyra may be outshined by her enchanter counterparts.


In general (there are a few exceptions), crit items are being changed so that they are being reduced in price but having their critical strike chances (aka damage potential) reduced. This will allow items to be completed faster and may allow marksmen to feel more at home in the current speed of the meta (which leans more toward early/mid game).

Cloak of Agility (returning item)

  • It’s back, nothing too exciting. Simply used as a component for Infinity Edge and Essence Reaver.

Infinity Edge (adjusted)

  • IE will be more viable of an option as an early completed item buy. Riot is shifting its power by removing its ability to double critical strike chance and removing its conversion to true damage in exchange for 25% critical strike chance and increasing critical strike damage for 25%.
  • The flat AD increase from 70 -> 80 is also nice for an early game buy.

Essence Reaver (adjusted)

  • Essence Reaver is being sort of reverted to encourage ADCs to use it and discourage bruisers like Renekton and Riven from using it. Fear not bruisers, because you’ll be getting a replacement item (right below).
  • Overall, Essence Reaver is losing its 300 mana bonus and Essence Flare ability, and will instead give 25% critical chance. Downsides are that it’s losing some punch dropping from 75 -> 60 AD and becoming 200g more expensive.
  • Our experts aren’t too impressed with these changes, it probably won’t be great on anyone besides Xayah and Ashe.

Spear of Shojin (new item)

  • And here’s the replacement item for Essence Reaver for bruisers! Our experts think this item will eventually cause some champions like Riven, Fiora, Renekton, and Darius to be nerfed.
  • Overall, the item is worth 3400 gold, gives 60 AD, 250 health, 20% CDR, and Awakened Dragon which is just a renamed Essence Flare.

Stormrazor (adjusted)

  • Warning: do NOT build this first anymore! Stormrazor will no longer be a good first item choice and will be more of a third or fourth in a build – get this after you get a Zeal item.
  • The item is getting more expensive at 3100 gold, is losing some attack damage 60 -> 55, is losing attack speed 35% -> 25%, but is gaining Energized (the usual) and Storm (enhances Energized effects and slows targets) as abilities.

Phantom Dancer (adjusted)

  • PD looks like it might be good, it’s getting cheaper and it’s becoming sort of a Sterak’s Gage for ADCs with its new quality, Lifeline, which grants a shield that activates when you take damage that would take you below 30%.
  • It’s losing some attack speed 45% -> 30% and losing some critical strike chance 30% to 25% but with Lifeline, it’s more of a defensive option anyhow.
  • PD still allows you to pass through units but keep in mind that it’s changing from being within 550 range of a visible enemy champ and is instead, activated for 2 seconds after auto-attacking a champion.

Kircheis Shard (buffed)

  • Cost decreased 800 -> 600 gold

Zeal (buffed)

  • Cost decreased 1300 –> 1200 gold

Rapid Firecannon (adjusted)

  • Following the trend of becoming cheaper (2800 –> 2600 gold) but losing power (30% crit strike chance –> 25%)

Runaan’s Hurricane (adjusted)

  • Following the trend of becoming cheaper (2800 –> 2600 gold) but losing power (30% crit strike chance –> 25%)

Statikk Shiv (adjusted, leaning towards buff)

  • Shiv is getting cheaper 2800 –> 2600 gold, gaining attack speed 35% ->40%, and gaining critical strike chance 30% to 25%.
  • Despite these changes, most ADCs (except maybe Sivir) probably won’t be opting to choose it that often.

Last Whisper (adjusted, leaning towards buff)

  • It’s increasing in price from 1300 –> 1450 gold, but gaining 10 additional attack damage and increasing in armor penetration from 10% to 20% – not bad for an extra 150g.

Lord Dominik’s Regards (buffed)

  • AD increase from 40 –> 45

Mortal Reminder (buffed)

  • AD increase from 40 –> 45

Thanks for reading! Let us know what you thought of this patch in the comments. As always, if you have any questions, find us in our Discord