League of Legends 9.1 Patch Notes Breakdown

League of Legends 9.1 Patch Notes Breakdown

Welcome to our Mobalytics 9.1 Patch Notes Breakdown!

In this series, we analyze and breakdown the most impactful changes for every patch. We’ll go over buffs, nerfs, and gameplay changes as you’d expect, but we’ll also have a section where our three high-ELO Mobalytics experts provide insight on how the patch affects each role.

Here are the 9.1 patch notes for reference. We won’t be listing the stats of every change so make sure to have the notes open if you’re looking for those.

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Patch 9.1’s impact on the roles

State of Top Lane: Kellen – “Exil”

  • With this patch, Shield Bash received some buffs which means that some Top laners with Shields (that’s you Riven, Sion, Urgot, Rumble) might see more play.
  • We will see tanks continue to come back as well as Riot has outright stated they want tanks to feel more prevalent. Expect nerfs to damage to come through to”Systemic Damage” such as Red Smite, Ignite, Conqueror, Grasp, Electrocute, etc. These all seem to be too high in their eyes, which means that tankier options will be brutal in the future. Other than that, top lane is mostly the same.

State of Mid/Jungle: Adam – “Moriarty”

  • In Patch 9.1 the biggest changes to mid/jungle are that Sejuani may return to the jungle as well funnel strats or laners taking Smite being nerfed incredibly hard. If you have more lane minion gold than jungle monster gold while having a non-completed jungle, you’ll see your income take a big hit. This should put a stop to things like Lulu and Taric from having the highest Mid lane win rates, at least for now.
  • With the removal of this the meta for Junglers remains mostly the same, can your jungler gank early and often and/or contest Scuttles? And can your mid laner gain priority to help fight in skirmishes? If yes, then you will be strong on this patch. Examples of these are things like Kha’zix and Elise for the jungle and Galio and Talon for mid lane.

State of Bot lane (Carry + Support): Hewitt – “prohibit”

  • Things are trending up for bot lane in Patch 9.1. The most direct impactful buffs being the ones to Kalista, Sivir, and Vayne. However, the viability of bot lane Marksmen also relies on what champions are being played in the overall meta.
  • With Shield Bash and tank champions like Sejuani and Ornn starting to receive buffs, this may start the trend that pivots away from burst damage and back towards having a solid frontline in Solo Queue. Strong frontlines mean that there is less burst damage and more need for high DPS champions to cut through big meatshields which is where the more traditional Marksmen shine as well as Enchanter and Tank supports over Mages.
  • If we don’t start seeing that shift occur soon, expect the more spell-oriented Marksmen (Ezreal, Lucian, Miss Fortune) and high damage aggressive Supports (Zyra, Thresh) to continue being the norm. Spell-oriented Marksmen and high damage supports generally have the mobility and/or upfront damage in order to meaningfully contribute to a fight quickly enough before the outcome has been decided by the rest of the players in the game.

Buffs, nerfs, and adjustments

Kalista (Individual power buffed, objective utility nerfed)

  • Riot is looking to make Kalista more viable for solo queue while keeping her pro-play power in check by giving her more “independent” power and taking away some of her team-related power.
  • Since they buffed her base attack damage, attack damage growth, attack speed growth, and Q damage, Kalista mains will enjoy more overall and consistent damage.
  • As a result of these damage buffs, her W is losing its bonus attack damage. This isn’t a big deal because now it means that you don’t have to worry about keeping the Oathsworn nearby.
  • The one downside of her increased power as an individual is that she’s losing some of her teamplay power. Her E was traditionally one of the most feared “Smite abilities”, along the likes of Cho’Gath and Nunu – this power to execute objectives is taking a hit so now it only deals 50% damage. It’ll still be useful but now it won’t be a guaranteed secure.

Ornn (Damage buffed, CC nerfed, passive reworked)

  • Ornn is receiving slight buffs to his base health, health regen growth, and armor growth.
  • His biggest change this patch is the rework to his passive.
    • Ornn and his allies can no longer purchase upgraded items. Instead, Ornn receives upgraded items at level 13 and can upgrade his ally’s items starting at level 14 (one item per ally).
      • Frozen Gaulent → Frozen Fist
      • Youmuu’s Ghostblade → Youmuu’s Wraithblade
      • Blade of the Ruined King → Might of the Ruined King
      • Luden’s Echo → Luden’s Pulse
    • He also gains an additional 10% armor/magic resist from items, receives free upgrade at level 13 (Ornn can have two upgraded), at level 14 onward, Ornn can upgrade one of his ally’s item.
  • Ornn, along with Sejuani, is following Riot’s trend of buffing tank damage and nerfing their CC
    • Q had its mana cost decreased and damage adjusted so that its base damage is slightly nerfed mid game but buffed late game. Its slow is now standardized to 40% at all ranks.
    • W had its shield removed, but has regained its unstoppable property. You’ll be able to use it more since its cooldown was reduced so you’ll be able to express your skills more often if you have good timing against CC abilities. Brittle proc damage was buffed across the board.
    • E/s mana costs changed slightly but won’t make a huge impact. The big thing here is that you’ll be able to hit the Q pillar more often since it will remain until your E animation finishes (instead of it disappearing while you were dashing toward it).
    • R’s first hit slow now scales on based on the distance the ram projectile traveled. The second hit’s stun has changed to 1 second on the first enemy hit and now only lasts for 0.5 sec on other hits after the first.

Sejuani (Damage buffed, CC nerfed)

  • Sejuani is receiving stat buffs to health growth, base armor, armor growth, base magic resist, magic resist growth, and AD growth.
  • As we mentioned earlier, she’s experiencing the overall trend of tanks gaining damage but losing CC power.
    • Passive – the overall % of bonus armor/magic resist has decreased but now it lasts an extra second.
    • Q received a simple base damage buff.
    • W’s changes focus on the second hit, which will see its damage increased but have its slow normalized across the board.
    • E’s stun duration decreased and range were decreased but had its damage increased.

Jungle Changes

  • The TL;DR is that if you farmed more lane minions than jungle minions you will get penalized if you bought a jungle item.
  • These indicate that Riot wants to keep cheese/funneling strats involving laners taking jungle items and/or Smite.

Jayce, Katerina, Zyra (Buffering Quality of Life changes)

  • These are technically buffs since they will improve combo consistency but won’t be insanely impactful. Players with poorer connections may experience the most enjoyment from the changes.

Ashe (buffed)

  • Q received a nice QoL change so it flashes at max stats.
  • E now grants an assist if you granted vision within 10 seconds of a kill.

Jinx (buffed)

  • W cast time decreases as she gains more attack speed.

Nasus (buffed)

  • Q now gains more stacks when you last-hit a champion, large minion, or large monster.

Sivir (buffed)

  • Q damage no longer falls off when hitting champions (only minions and monsters)

Vayne (buffed)

  • This one is really cool – Vayne’s Q now has a reduced cooldown when used during her ultimate. Keep an eye out for some flashy outplays!

Xayah (buffed)

  • E root duration was slightly increased.


Hail of Blades (adjusted)

  • Standardized the attack speed bonus at all levels (buffed early game, nerfed late) and adjusted so attack resets don’t consume a stack.
  • Riot’s goal with these changes is to synergize with champions that were traditionally discouraged from taking it.

Celerity (buffed)

  • Movement speed multiplier increased, it should be more viable for more champions instead of just a dedicated few.

Shield Bash (buffed)

  • Damage has been buffed. Tanks have been using the rune decently but now it should be more appealing to other champions (such as ADCs with a shield Support).

Stat choice changes

  • Attack speed rune buffed

Turret Assists

  • This won’t be super impactful but it’s another nice QoL change. Now it will feel more natural and intuitive instead of forcing you to stay longer than it felt like you should.

Ability Ping Improvements

  • Communication is crucial! You should be pinging key information when you can, now you’ll have more options to stay more in sync with your team. This is something that can show impact over the long run, you may not notice it immediately but you’ll have an advantage over the players who do not utilize or pay attention to these ability pings.

Thanks for reading! This was our first patch breakdown so let us know what you liked and what you’d like to see. As always, if you have any questions, find us in our Discord