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How to Farm Sparks and Uber Uniques (Mattjestic Tips and Tricks)

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How to Farm Sparks and Uber Uniques

In Diablo 4, Season 4, there is a new mechanic called Transmutation, which allows you to turn Sparks into Uber Uniques. You can transmute four Sparks into one Uber Unique.

The alchemist can do these transmutations in most towns, but typically, you are restricted by the number of Sparks you have.

We’ll take you through an insane method by Mattjestic to obtain a lot of Sparks for Uber Uniques.

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How to Obtain Sparks

There are a few ways to gain sparks in the game, from Salvaging Uber Uniques to killing your first Uber Duriel. Let’s go over some of these methods:

  • Your first Uber Duriel/Andarial Kill.
  • Your first Uber Lilith Kill Achievement. Unfortunately, this method is currently bugged if you’ve gained this achievement in a previous Season (we’ll update this if it gets fixed).
  • Salvaging unwanted Uber Uniques can give you one Spark.
  • Completion of the last rank of The Iron Wolf’s seasonal reward. The seasonal reward is repeatable on other characters, and is the method we’ll use.

Best Farming Method for Sparks and Uber Uniques

Now that you have a general idea of how Sparks are gained, the best method to gain Sparks currently is from The Iron Wolf’s season rewards. So those are what we’re going to focus on and farm.

First, you’ll want to be on a character that has not yet done the final mission of the Wolf’s Honor seasonal Board. That is because this is the reward that gives you the Spark.

Elden Ring Wolf's Honor rank XV Rewards

Iron Wolf Reputation and Helltides

The best method to gain the Iron Wolf Honor Board Reputation is to do Helltides. I’ll go over the technique, but we’ve also provided a video on the method.

  1. Find the boss summoning spot, summon, and kill the boss (I’d recommend starting this on World Tier 2). This typically alerts everyone in the area. We want this, as we may not be strong enough in the early game. Other players are key to its success.
  2. Finding a group on Discord and teaming up is also viable.
  3. Remember that on an alt, you may die often, but you still gain Reputation when you’re dead. Try not to leech.
  4. I’d also recommend collecting the Cinders and opening chests near the end of the Helltide, as opening cheats can also give a 100+ Reputation.

What Else Do We Get?

While completing the Iron Wolf Honor Board, you gain a plethora of materials for summoning bosses such as Duriel and Andarial. If you sell these materials to other players, you can net yourself 100+ million gold.

How Long Does It Take?

During Mattjestic’s testing, he could do reputation rank 15 after 3-4 hours, and his estimated rank 18 would take anywhere from 5 to 8 hours.

Mattjestic’s tested with a Druid, but other classes are viable, and some people do it with a Minion Necromancer.

I’d advise collecting Cinders to open boxes, so you’re at least gaining some hearts to summon your bosses throughout this journey to help speed up the process.