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How to Farm Uber Uniques in Diablo 4 (Season 4)

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A How-To Guide for Farming Uber Uniques in Season 4 of Diablo 4

Diablo 4 uber uniques are the most powerful and rarest items in the game. Some enable the best meta builds, while others boost your offense or defense, effectively turning you into a god.

Each is a pinnacle item you’ll spend most of your time working toward once you hit endgame.

So, what’s the best way to get them?

the grandfather, doombringer, and harlequin crest

First, let’s cover each source from which Uber Uniques can drop:

  • Monsters that are level 95 or higher (extraordinarily low chance).
  • Uber Duriel (decent chance).
  • Tormented Duriel (best chance).
  • Uber Andariel (decent chance).
  • Tormented Andariel (best chance).
  • Tormented Grigoire (good chance).
  • Tormented Echo of Varshan (good chance).
  • Tormented Beast in The Ice (good chance).
  • Tormented Zir (good chance).

There are a few, but we can break it down to be simpler. Tormented Duriel and Andariel are your best shot at having an Uber Unique drop, but they’re extremely challenging.

Next in line is every other Tormented boss. After that, Uber Duriel and Uber Andariel, and finally, random drops from level 95+ monsters, which I honestly wouldn’t count on, no matter how much you play.

diablo 4 uniques bosses splash

Uber Bosses

Uber Duriel and Uber Andariel will be your first port of call for farming Uber Uniques. They’re by no means trivial to kill but are by far the first real chance of seeing one of these super rare items dropping.

If you’re wondering which one you should do, it doesn’t matter; their drops are identical, so it’ll come down to which fight you prefer to do at any given time.

How to Summon Uber Duriel

Uber bosses are summoned. In Diablo, we must first collect certain items and bring them to an Altar in the boss room to start the encounter. For Duriel, these items are two Mucus-Slick Eggs, dropped from Echo of Varshan, found near the Tree of Whispers.

malignant burrow map

However, to summon Echo of Varshan, you’ll also need some specific materials. These are 1x Gurgling Head, 1x Blackened Femur, 1x Trembling Hand, and 1x Malignant Heart.

echo of varshan materials

Don’t worry—these items all drop from the same place: Tree of Whispers caches. So, all you’ll need to do is keep up with your bounties, and you’ll be farming all these materials with no problem.

A nice change coming into Season 4 is that summoning material will now randomly drop from pretty much anywhere, so keep your eyes peeled for these drops. Remember, you can convert Varshan materials at the Alchemist in any major city too.

The next item you’ll need to summon Duriel is two Shards of Agony, which drop from Grigoire in the Dry Steppe. Like Varshan, you’ll also need another material to summon Grigoire, luckily, it’s much more straightforward this time.

shard of agony

hall of the penitent map

You’ll need five Living Steel, which you can acquire by opening Tormented Chests in Helltides (chests that require cinders to open).

living steel

Now that you have two Mucus-Slick Eggs and two Shards of Agony, you’re ready to summon Duriel. The summoning room is in this dungeon South of Kehjitstan.

gaping crevasse map

How to Summon Uber Andariel

Summoning Andariel is very similar to Duriel; we’re just targeting different “pre-bosses,” if you will. We’ll need two Sandscorched Shackles from Lord Zir, who can be found in the Fractured Peaks. You’ll also need nine Exquisite Blood, which drops from World Bosses and Legion Events.

the darkened way map

sandscorched shackles and exquisite blood

Second are two Pincushioned Dolls acquired from killing Beast In Ice, also found in the Fractured Peaks. You can summon this boss by creating the Glacial Fissure Nightmare Sigil with Distilled Fear at the Occultist in any major city. This material can be farmed by simply completing regular Nightmare Dungeons.

glacial fissure map

distilled fear and pincushioned doll

glacial fissure craft sigil

Remember to use the Sigil as any other Nightmare Dungeon; unlike the other bosses, you don’t want to enter the dungeon first.

Now that you have your materials, you should head to Hanged Man Halls in the East of Kehjitstan. But keep in mind if you’re farming in a group, only the person who summons the boss will get the summoning materials drop.

varshan ritual of hatred

hanged mans halll map

Tormented Bosses

Tormented bosses are much more powerful versions of every boss we’ve covered. They require the best builds and fantastic gear to attempt but naturally provide the highest rewards.

tormented boss

Fortunately for us, the method for summoning these bosses remains basically the same. The difference is that you require more of each summoning material in addition to Stygian Stones, which are earned by completing runs in “The Pit”, a new endgame system being introduced in Season 4.

The summoning requirements are as follows:

Duriel: x6 Shards of Agony / Mucus-Slick Eggs & x2 Stygian Stones.

Andariel: x6 Sandscorched Shackles / Pincushioned Dolls & x2 Stygian Stones.

Grigoire: x15 Living Steel & x2 Stygian Stones.

Varshan: 3x Blackened Femur / Gurgling Head / Trembling Hand / Malignant Heart & x2 Stygian Stones.

Beast In Ice: 250 Sigil Powder + 27 Distilled Fear & x2 Stygian Stones.

Lord Zir: 27 Exquisite Blood & x2 Stygian Stones.

Crafting in Diablo 4

I also wanted to cover crafting quickly. In Season 4, we’ll receive Resplendent Sparks for completing certain endgame challenges for the first time. Those being:

Defeating Uber Lilith, completing Ironwolves Reputation, and defeating a Tormented Boss.

If you complete these challenges, you’ll have three sparks. The only other way you can collect sparks is by salvaging Uber Uniques. So, though you may not be able to get your first Uber this way, if the first one you get is not one you want, complete these endgame activities and salvage the one you did get, and then you’ll be able to craft the specific Uber Unique you need!

resplendent spark