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Diablo 4: Altars of Lilith (All Locations)

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What You Need to Know About Diablo 4 Altars of Lilith

If you’re hunting down the Diablo 4 Altars of Lilith, we have you covered with every location.

In this guide, we’ll cover how Altars of Lilith work, where to find them, and more tips and tricks.

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What are Altars of Lilith?

Altars of Lilith are statues that exist in various locations spread around the Diablo 4 world. While some of them may be easily found, others are hidden a little deeper.

When a new Altar of Lilith is found, it will grant the player a permanent buff to one of its stats, increase their maximum Murmuring Obol capacity, or even provide Paragon Points!

The actual bonus is predetermined for each Altar, so finding them all will yield the same end result for every player.

Here’s a list of the Altar buffs:

  • +2 Dexterity
  • +2 Intelligence
  • +2 Strength
  • +2 Willpower
  • +5 Murmuring Obol Capacity
  • +1 Paragon Point

On top of the permanent stat buff, each Altar found will earn a considerable amount of Renown.

diablo 4 renown system

Renown unlocks a variety of unique rewards and is an important part of character progress. Altars of Lilith are a great way to earn some quick Renown, as 10 per statue can often be a lot faster than completing longer tasks such as side quests or dungeons.

Where can I find Altars of Lilith?

Altars of Lilith can be found hidden among various regions of the map. They can be quite tricky to find, but if you come across a red glow, you’ve likely found one. There are a total of 160 Altars of Lilith to find.

Fractured PeaksFractured Peaks Altars of Lilith Locations

There are a total of 28 Altars of Lilith in Fractured Peaks.

  • Desolate Highlands: 4
  • Dobrev Taiga: 3
  • Frigid Expanse: 5
  • Gale Valley: 3
  • Kor Dragan: 1
  • Malnok: 1
  • Nostrava: 1
  • The Pallid Glade: 3
  • Sarkova Pass: 4
  • Seat of the Heavens: 3


Scosglen Altars of Lilith Locations

There are a total of 34 Altars of Lilith in Scosglen.

  • Deep Forest: 3
  • Highland Wilds: 6
  • Hope’s Light: 1
  • Moordaine Lodge: 1
  • Northshore: 4
  • Strand: 3
  • The Downs: 3
  • The Emerald Chase: 3
  • The Shrouded Moors: 3
  • Túr Dúlr: 1
  • Wailing Hills: 3
  • Westering Lowlands: 3

Dry Steppes

Dry Steppes Altars of Lilith locations

There are a total of 33 Altars of Lilith in Dry Steppes.

  • Chambatar Ridge: 3
  • Dindai Flats: 3
  • Fields of Hatred: 1
  • Jakha Basin: 3
  • Khargai Crags: 3
  • Kotama Grasslands: 4
  • Qara Yisu: 1
  • Temple of Rot: 1
  • The Accursed Wastes: 2
  • The Onyx Watchtower: 2
  • The Scarred Coast: 4
  • Tusmaa Rift: 2
  • Untamed Scarps: 4


Hawezar Altars of Lilith Locations

There are a total of 34 Altars of Lilith in Hawezar.

  • Blightmarsh: 4
  • Crusaders’ Monument: 1
  • Dismal Foothills: 4
  • Eriman’s Pyre: 1
  • Fethis Wetlands: 4
  • Forsaken Coast: 3
  • Rotspill Delta: 3
  • Ruins of Rakhat Keep: 1
  • The Writhing Mire: 4
  • Toxic Fens: 4
  • Umir Plateau: 4
  • Vyeresz: 1


Kehjistan Altars of Lilith locations

There are a total of 31 Altars of Lilith in Kehjistan.

  • Alcarnus: 1
  • Altar of Ruin: 1
  • Amber Sands: 7
  • Caldeum: 3
  • Fields of Hatred: 3
  • Omath’s Redoubt: 1
  • Ragged Coastline: 4
  • Scouring Sands: 6
  • Southern Expanse: 5

Do I need to find Altars every time I make a character?

Finding every Altar won’t be an easy feat, but with great effort comes an incredible reward. These Altar buffs will apply to every future character on your account!

We know that Diablo 4’s skill tree system encourages more focused builds, as it’ll become expensive to re-spec your skill points, unlike Diablo 3. With that, it would make sense for players to instead create a new character when they desire a different build. These Altars are going to make it much easier to level alts, as those characters will be immediately stronger from the get-go. Therefore the time it takes to find every Altar will definitely save us time in the long run.

One thing to keep in mind is that Altars of Lilith can still be worth finding again on future characters, as they will still reward Renown when found. So if you happen to be in an area with some nearby, it could be worth the minor detour. That said, this is by no means required, as there’s still plenty of other ways to earn Renown.

Do Altar bonuses reset for new Seasons?

We have confirmation from the devs that Altars of Lilith buffs remain as we go forth into new Seasons. It’s a huge relief knowing that we won’t have to repeatedly hunt these down time and time again.

Ultimately, the developers have shown that they respect our time and want the Altars of Lilith to be an enjoyable experience, not a tedious one.

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