Kakul Saydon Gate 2 Boss Guide



Time for Gate 2 Of the Mad Clown. Remember that there is only Normal Mode and Rehearsal Mode. Check out our end game guide if you’re still progressing your Gear Score.

You can be knocked out of the arena in this gate, but if you were able to handle Gate 1, then you can handle this one no problem. Let's get started!

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Cheat Sheet

Kakul Saydon guide cheat sheet

Key Mechanics

X125 Giant Saydon Appears

What Happens

Prepare yourself to face the wrath of a giant clown with a giant hammer. The regular sized Kakul will fly up and drop bombs everywhere.

What to Do

Dodge the bombs because they do heavy damage, stagger, and increase Madness.

Meanwhile the giant clown will fix their gaze on a player and target them with a beam of light. It follows a player for a while and then stops.

Make sure you aren’t there when the gaze stops or you will be knocked out of the arena!

X110 Curtain of Madness

What Happens

At the beginning of this mechanic, Saydon will do the Evil-Eye Mechanic, which puts the players who are facing Saydon into a fear state.

At the same time, Kakul will jump out of the area and 4 red or blue bubbles will appear.

What To Do

Make sure that your character is looking away from Saydon at the start, so you don't get feared.

Preposition 2 players to the left and right sides and do the following:

  • If your side has 2 blue bubbles
    • Each player should stay in 1 blue bubble.
    • Blue bubbles can’t hold more than 1 player.
  • If your side has 1 or 2 red bubbles
    • Both of you should stay in 1 red bubble.
    • if a red bubble has one player they will die.

You can completely ignore the blue bubble if there is 1 red bubble on your side.

X95 1st Find Kakul

What Happens

Kakul will disappear, and you need to find him. 7 cards are placed on the floor with one card being the joker card- Kakul.

At the same time, one out of four party members will have a mark, causing Saydon to swing his hammer at them.

What to Do

While Saydon smashes a spot, he’ll flip 1 card and slightly flip the 2 adjacent cards. This allows you to see if those 2 cards hold the joker card. By process of elimination, you can find Kakul.

Warning! Quickly dash out if you are targeted by the giant clown or you will instantly die!

Failure! You have 3 smashes to find the joker card or you wipe.

Optimal Strategy

Start with the 2nd card from the left and right side. This allows you to flip 1 card and peek at the other 2 around it. If executed correctly, this will allow you to see 6 out of 7 cards.

If none of the 6 cards you checked has a joker card, this means that the card in the middle 100% holds the joker and you’ll still have one last hammer to flip it.

X80 Card Maze

What Happens

Kakul summons a portal and blows his trumpet to teleport all players to his card maze. You have a 2 minutes and 30 seconds to escape!

What To Do

One player should break the telescope to be able to see the whole maze. Their job is to guide the rest of the players through the maze.

The rest of the players will have a card sign under their feet. Each should collect 3 fragments that match their card suit to escape the maze.

To get those fragments they need to kill 3 card soldiers with matching card suits. Once a player has finished collecting all 3 pieces, they will need to go to their green card suit tile to teleport to the center.

While all this is happening, killer clowns will be riding a ball across the map. If they hit you, you will lose all your fragment stacks and have to start over .

Optimal Strategy

The Easy Way: The player who broke the telescope shares his screen on discord and can watch the madness ensue- or they can just afk and grab a snack.

The Hard Way: Use your incredible military navigation skills to guide your civilian friends through the maze.

X55 Pizza Pattern

What Happens

You’ve seen Pizza Mechanics before, but this one is a triple spin pizza pattern. The indicator of how it will spin isn’t smoke or fog like we are used to – instead, you’ll watch the stars spinning around Kakul’s head.

What to Do

When you hit the x55, pay close attention to Kakul to identify the direction the stars are rotating.

There is a lot of stuff happening that will increase your Madness Gauge heavily. If your group is confident, you can follow the pattern and finish it.

If not, we recommend you use Innana (Ctrl+Z) to tank some of the damage and reduce your Madness Gauge and avoid turning into a clown.

X25 2nd Find Kakul

Same as X95 Find Kakul

Random Notable Mechanics


The giant clown Saydon starts a quick laser light show and if you’re caught looking at him, you will be feared.

This mechanic is also performed every time before X110 Curtain of Madness and Sanity Spots.

Look away as soon as you see the giant clown start the laser light show!

Sanity Spots

Kakul clones drop all over the place spawning dark red circles and only 1 clone will have a white sanity circle. Red circles massively increase the Madness gauge while the white circle will decrease it.

Run to the white circle or find an area between the circles.

Make sure you are looking away at the start of the move since it always starts with the Evil Eye.

Giant Blow

Saydon will lock onto a target and blow them out of the arena. The indicator is a yellow zone.

Dash out of it or use a skill that is immune to knock up.

Basic Attack Patterns

Aimed Laser

Saydon will roar and a few rainbow lights will appear horizontally or diagonally across the platform.

Stand out of the path of the beam and do damage.

Aimed Bomb

Kakul locks onto a player and hurls fire bombs at them. This will deal damage and leaves a fire area on the ground that places a DoT on players.

Stay away from your teammates if you are targeted, letting them get valuable damage in.

X marks the Spot

Yellow lines form an X around Kakul, dealing damage and increasing the Madness Gauge.

Stay in the top and bottom of the X and do damage.

Bomb Barrage

Kakul jumps around while throwing bombs at everyone. The bombs deal heavy damage, fire DoT, and increase the Madness Gauge.

Focus on nothing but dodging for the next few seconds.

Ring Attack

Kakul blows his trumpet and a yellow ring attack zone forms around him. It can start close to him and expand outwards, or far away and collapse inwards.

The safe spot is always either to stay on top of the boss or really far away.

Small Ring:

Big Ring:

Trumpet Rotation

Kakul will sequentially blow his trumpet in the 4 cardinal directions , dealing damage and increasing the Madness Guage.

Dodge the first one and then stand there and do damage.

Bonk Bonk!

Saydon will grab a targeted player, smashing him with his hammer for a few seconds and throw him on the floor.

As soon as Saydon leans forward to grab, spacebar out of the way.

Paper Birds

Saydon takes off his hat and does a magic trick, sending out paper birds towards a targeted player. This attack will return the way it came.

Get out of the way and don't move back to that area till the birds have returned.


Back in:

Triple Bash

Saydon locks onto a target and slams the area 2 or 3 times, knocking out the player out of the ring..

If he slams 2 times, he will do it in the same spot. Dodge and chill.

If 3 times, he will do it in 3 different spots. Keep dodging.

Flame Breath

Saydon blows fire onto half of the arena dealing damage, leaving a DoT, and increasing the Madness Guage. Most importantly it can knock you out.

When you see the yellow zone cover half the arena, either get out or use a tenacity skill to avoid falling off the arena.

Counter Patterns

Kakul Spin

Kakul spins towards a targeted player. If the counter fails, Kakul will start spinning, pushing them back and dealing damage.

Watch for him to start the spin and counter. If you can't make sure the targeted player moves away from the team.

Kakul Slither

Kakul throws his trumpet back, flipping his body to weirdly slide towards a player. If the counter fails, it will fear and darkness anyone hit, followed by a giant scary clown face popping out.

Watch for the backflip and counter. Don't get scared of the Clown Face!

Sidereal Usage


During the Kakul-Saydon raid, you will have the help of the following 3 Sidereals

Nineveh (Ctrl+Z) Deals the highest damage

Wei (Ctrl+X) Deals an insane amount of stagger and some decent damage.

Innana (Ctrl+C) Creates a magic shield that grants immunity to stagger and knockbacks while partially absorbing damage and reducing the Madness Guage. When the shield disappears, it will restore the HP of all the players who are in it.

Optimal Strategy

We recommend prioritizing usage based on your party's comfort level and makeup:

Innana during X55 Pizza Pattern if your group is uncomfortable.

Nineveh is optimal during the following mechanics in order of priority:

  • Trumpet Rotation
  • Ring Attack
  • Aimed Laser