Kakul Saydon Gate 1 Boss Guide



Welcome the third Legion Raid in Lost Ark: Kakul-Saydon: The Mad Clown!

Unlike previous Legion Raids, this is 4 man content not 8. There is also only Normal Mode with no Hard Mode.

However, there is a Rehearsal Mode for low level players to enjoy parts of the raid. Check out our end game guide if you’re still progressing your Gear Score!

Find your best 3 friends, and ready up! Kakul-Saydon is challenging content that forces you to pay attention to every detailed mechanic covered in this guide.

Once you've beaten Gate 1, be sure to check out our guides on Gate 2 and Gate 3!

Download our free Lost Ark Overlay to get this guide, cheat sheet, and more within your client. We highly recommend it if you're using a 2nd screen from browser.

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Cheat Sheet

Kakul Saydon guide cheat sheet

Key Mechanics

Unique Mechanic: Madness

Each player will have a gauge (like Vykas’s Charm Bar). When it’s full, it transforms the player into a clown. With each transformation, Kakul-Saydon gains 1 stack of a 3% defense buff.

When a player’s Madness Gauge hits 50%, it will trigger a cross-dot explosion. If the explosion hits any other player, it deals damage and grants that player a Madness Circle which increases the Madness Gauge of anyone who steps in it.

kakul saydon 50% crossed dota explosion

The final mechanic you need to be aware of is that when you hit 100%, your skills are replaced with 3 abilities that help your teammates.

  • Q – Debuffs the boss/minions.
  • W – Reduces the Madness Gauge of your teammates who are close to you.
  • E – Drops a gift box that reduces the Madness Guage for 1 player.

X130 Stagger Check

What Happens

The boss will start to channel and a stagger bar will appear. One or two purple shields will also appear that deflect your attacks back to you, so beware.

What to Do

The purple shields can be on the front or back sides of the boss. Just position where they are not and direct your attacks through the gap.

X110 1st Find Saydon

What Happens

Lighting will drop down from the ceiling and Saydon will disappear replaced by 4 clones in each corner (1/5/7/11 o’clock).

The clones will perform a specific animation, but one will be different from the rest. Your job is to find the different one and then look at it.

What to Do

There are only 2 animations which you can see by looking closely at Saydon's hands.

Heart Animation:

Guns Animation:

To make find the unique clone easy:

  • Assign a position to every player before entering.
  • Ping only the hearts animation
  • 1 Ping = Look at that clone
  • 3 Pings = Look at the clone with no ping

Failure Conditions

If someone isn’t looking at the real Saydon, it’s instant death for them. Make sure to turn your character towards the correct clone by using basic attacks.

Finally, be aware of the floating red orbs circling each clone - they grant a darkness debuff for 5 seconds, making the mechanic near impossible to complete.

X85 Dance Party

What Happens

Curtains close, and re-open with everyone transformed into a clown, but this time 4 different skills appear for QWER.

What to Do

Everyone should move to the spot that matches their card. Play a simple game of Simon says by looking closely at the boss and imitating his maneuvers.

If he turns his back to you, you must do any animation except that one he is doing!

X60 Stagger Check

Same as X130 stagger check. Watch the purple shields before staggering.

X50 Roulette

What Happens

Curtains close and re-open revealing a giant roulette in the center of the arena. Saydon is in the center waiting.

What To Do

Match your card with the correct Roulette Slice 3 times- pay attention to the background of your card when matching slices. With each roll, your card sign will change.

Run out of the roulette after finishing your 3rd card. The wheel will explode dealing heavy damage and increasing your Madness Guage.

X30 2nd Find Saydon

Same as X110 Find Saydon.

Random Notable Mechanics

Card Prison

What Happens

This mechanic is the hardest random mechanic in Gate 1. Saydon will summon a card dice that holds random card suits.

1 or 3 players will be imprisoned, and Saydon will start firing cards towards a player. If a player takes the wrong card, it will deal damage to him and fill his Madness gauge. If 3 cards fail, it’s a wipe.

Mechanic Breakdown

If the card dice has a card suit same color as the original card suit (i.e : Red Heart or Black Spade etc.) then, it's 1 free player 3 imprisoned.

If the card dice has a card suit with the opposite color of the original card suit(i.e: black heart or red spade) then, it's 3 free players 1 imprisoned.

Possible Outcomes

Optimal Strategy

Spread out and line up horizontally and to make sure there is significant space between you and the boss. Depending on the color described above, one of two things will happen:

Scenario A: 1 Player Free, 3 Imprisoned

All cards will follow the free player, and they must redirect the cards to the correct prisoners.

Example: The Dice is a Black Spade

  • The player with the Spade card will be the free player and can step forward to take 1st card.
  • The 2nd card will be Clubs.
  • The 3rd card will be one of the red suits.
  • The 4th card will be the last red suit.

Scenario B: 3 Players Free, 1 Imprisoned

All cards go towards the imprisoned player, so free players must intercept their card before it hits the prisoner.

Example: The Dice is a Black Heart

  • Spade or Clubs will be the first card. Both players should be ready.
  • 2nd card will be the other black suit.
  • 3rd card will be Hearts for the imprisoned player.
  • 4th will be Diamonds.

If it’s too hard, you can use the Sidereal Inanna.

Match Your Card

Saydon will raise his crutch, to summon a big circle that has the 4 card signs on it. You need to stand in the correct spot to avoid damage and Madness Guage gain. Can happen twice in a row.

Ignore the colors and find the correct suit to stand in.

Slot Machine Game

What Happens

During the fight, a random clown statue appears with a slot machine game on his head. It can drop one random card sign OR a bomb that increase the Madness Guage of damaged players.

What To Do

Watch the Slot Reel to see what it lands on:

  • If it's the same suit as you, pick up the drop.
  • If it's different, let someone else take it.
  • If it's a bomb, all stay clear.

Clown Flame Tower

A 2 headed clown minion will appear randomly during the fight. It breathes flame from both heads while slowly spinning.

Kill it as soon as possible. You can clearly see it on the minimap.

Basic Attack Patterns

Rainbow Attack

Saydon will roar, then a few rainbow lights will appear horizontally or diagonally across the platform.

Stand in the free spots and unload on him.

Targeted Flames

Boss will lock onto one player and unleash 3 or 4 cone shaped attacks relative to their position.

Targeted player should stand still until Saydon locks on, then dash out of it.

Saydon Fear

Saydon will lock onto one player, gather pink energy and shoot a laser beam at them. Anyone it connects with will be feared for 5 seconds.

As soon as you see the pink animation, keep moving!

Flames Everywhere

Saydon will spawn several fire portals and breath fire at a target alone with them. This move hurts a ton, increases the Madness Guage, and leaves a DOT.

As soon as you see the red flame hoops, move far away.

Cross Hit

Saydon will eat a bomb, spins backward and smash the ground in a cross shaped hit knocking players up.

Watch the color of the bomb. If its yellow dodge the +, and if it's red dodge the X.

Disappearing Jump

Saydon will disappear, and a yellow circle will appear under a player, damaging anyone inside followed by 2 waves of AoE outwards. Damage will knock up and increases the Madness Guage.

Move out of the yellow circle and quickly back in.

Card Thrower

This mechanic is very dangerous! Saydon will spin and throw cards everywhere, which deal damage, stagger and increases the Madness Guage.

Run far away from Saydon, increasing your chance to dodge the cards.

Fart of Madness

Saydon releases a green attack from his backside, knocking players up and increasing the Madness Guage.

Get in front of him or to his sides and unload attacks.

Triangle of Flames

Saydon will target a player, smashing forward triangle-shaped flames. This can happen up to 3 times.

Get behind him and use your damaging attacks.

Bombing the Ground

Saydon will disappear and a few small red circles will appear randomly knocking up anyone standing on them. A few seconds later, he will throw a bomb which will be telgraphed by a big yellow circle surrounded by an outer yellow circle.

Try to find a free area close to the inner circle and wait patiently.

Poker Warriors

Saydon will summon the Poker Warriors to rain down from the sky. If hit by any of them, it will increase your Madness Guage.

Dodge the yellow circles and kill the Poker Warriors ASAP

Paper Birds

Saydon teleports to the edge of the arena, sending out a boomerang of flying paper birds. If you get hit by them, it will stun you and increase your Madness Guage.

Stay close to Saydon's sides and do damage.

Madness Circles

Saydon will heavily bombard the arena. Each bomb will be telegraphed with a yellow circle surrounded by 2 outer rings.

It's hectic, so use defensives and try and dodge.

Targeted Fire

A random player will get a cross mark on their head. A fire explosion will follow him, knocking him up and increasing the Madness Guage..

Use space and keep moving if you get targeted!

Counter Patterns

Ball Hop

Saydon will jump onto a ball, to perform a very damaging circus flamethrower move.

As soon as you see him jump up over his ball, be ready to counter when he lands.

Sidereal Usage


During the Kakul-Saydon raid, you will have the help of the following 3 Sidereals

Nineveh (Ctrl+Z) Deals the highest damage

Wei (Ctrl+X) Deals an insane amount of stagger and some decent damage.

Innana (Ctrl+C) Creates a magic shield that grants immunity to stagger and knockbacks while partially absorbing damage and reducing the Madness Guage. When the shield disappears, it will restore the HP of all the players who are in it.

Optimal Usage

We recommend prioritizing usage based on your party's comfort level and makeup:

Innana during the Card Prison mechanic if you are struggling with it.

Wei during the Stagger Check only if your party has very low stagger.

Nineveh is optimal during the following mechanics in order of priority:

  • Rainbow Attack
  • Flames Everywhere
  • Poker Warriors