Tristana·Mid Counters

Draw a BeadP
Rapid FireQ
Rocket JumpW
Explosive ChargeE
Buster ShotR
Win rate50.4%
Pick rate7.2%
Ban rate7.1%
Matches13 153-
Tristana Mid has a 50.4% win rate and 7.2% pick rate in eloName and is currently ranked A tier. Based on our analysis of 13 153 matches, the best counters for Tristana Mid are Annie, Quinn, Veigar, Brand and Katarina. On the other hand, Tristana Mid counters Tryndamere, Lucian, Vel'Koz, Lissandra and Malphite.
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Tristana counter tips

General advice on how to play against Tristana
These champs are strong against Tristana at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Tristana.
Laning Against Tristana

Laning Against Tristana

Her Explosive ChargeE and Rapid FireQ makes taking down turrets a piece of cake. Avoid letting her get free shots on your turret since the tower platings will give her a gold advantage over you.

Avoid extended trades with Tristana whenever her Explosive ChargeE is on you. The more auto-attacks she hits you with- the more damage you will take.

Tristana will often use her Rocket JumpW aggressively. If you’re strong and have good all-in, you could try to trade back with her and use her mispositioning to kill her. Take a quick glance at the minimap to see if her Jungler is nearby before committing to the fight though.

Strategy VS Tristana

Strategy VS Tristana

If Tristana uses her Rocket JumpW aggressively, burst her down or CC her so she is unable to reposition and clean up the fight. Taking her down early will make it really difficult for her team to win the fight.

In the mid-game, if Tristana is ahead, avoid walking too far forward if you’re alone. She has great all-in and pick thanks to her Rocket JumpW and Explosive ChargeE. Keep at an appropriate distance away from her so she cannot easily take you down.

Tristana has a lot of self peel with her Rocket JumpW and Ultimate Buster ShotR. To make fighting easier, try to play around her Ultimate Buster ShotR or look to flank her in team fights. This will make it harder for her to kite/escape the fight.

Tristana Power Spikes

Tristana Power Spikes

Extended trades are going to work heavily in Tristana’s favour if she has placed her Explosive ChargeE on you.

At level 6, Tristana’s kill pressure increases as her Ultimate Buster ShotR can deal a lot of damage to you in 1v1 trades. Her Ultimate Buster ShotR is also versatile and can be used as a self peel tool.

When she hits level 9, she would’ve maxed her first ability. Her 1v1 potential will be much higher from here on out.