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Starlight's TouchQ
Cosmic RadianceR
Win rate53.4%
Pick rate1.3%
Ban rate0.3%
Matches2 371-
Taric Support has a 53.4% win rate with 1.3% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked A tier. Below, you will find an expert video guide on how to play Taric: their strengths, weaknesses, powerspikes and game plans for every stage of the match. Step up your Taric gameplay with Mobalytics guides!.
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Taric tips and tricks

Good times to use your DazzleE are when the enemy has used a dash ability or have pinned themselves near a wall. This will make it harder for the enemy to dodge your Stun DazzleE without burning Flash.

Do not hold on to your Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR until it’s too late. It’s better for you to use it early and it to protect you rather than dying mid-channel.

Keep a constant eye on your mana pool throughout the laning phase and in team fights. Your abilities, in particular your Starlight's TouchQ, costs a lot of mana and you’ll not be able to keep your ADC or team topped up with health if you run low.

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