Ryze·Mid Counters

Arcane MasteryP
Rune PrisonW
Spell FluxE
Realm WarpR
Win rate49.6%
Pick rate1.4%
Ban rate0.2%
Matches14 430-
Ryze Mid has a 49.6% win rate and 1.4% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked B tier. Based on our analysis of 14 430 matches, the best counters for Ryze Mid are Anivia, Vel'Koz, Tryndamere, Naafiri and Akshan. On the other hand, Ryze Mid counters Corki, Ekko, Quinn, Azir and Neeko.
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Mid Mid  Patch 14.12

Ryze counter tips

General advice on how to play against Ryze
These champs are weak against Ryze at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Ryze.
Laning Against Ryze

Laning Against Ryze

Ryze’s laning phase is when he is at his weakest. Avoid trading with him too much in the very early game as he will just want to recall early and get his Tear anyway.

When Ryze hits level 6, his kill pressure doesn’t increase as his Ultimate Realm WarpR is not a damaging tool. For most champions, your level 6 will be stronger than his.

Try to fight as often as possible. Ryze needs time to scale, so delaying his ability to scale is key. Getting an early kill and putting him behind early will reduce his ability to scale into the mid and late game.

Strategy VS Ryze

Strategy VS Ryze

Ryze will try to avoid team fighting in the mid-game as he still needs time to come online. Looking for fights as soon as the laning phase has ended is favourable.

Team fighting in the late game is where Ryze can shine. Ending the game as quickly as possible will reduce his chances of coming online and winning the fight for his team.

Warding your flanks will reduce Ryze’s ability to get a good Ultimate Realm WarpR off and surprise your teammates. Avoid pushing too far forward when you don’t know where Ryze is to reduce the chances of him catching you out with his Ultimate Realm WarpR.

Ryze Power Spikes

Ryze Power Spikes

Ryze is at his weakest during the early game. Try to abuse this by looking for an early all-in to force him to recall.

Ryze doesn’t spike at level 6 as his Ultimate Realm WarpR is a utility tool. Use this to your advantage to win a level 6 all-in.

You should try to end the game as quickly as you can as Ryze becomes stronger and stronger as the game goes along. Shutting him down in the early game or ending it quickly will make it harder for him to carry in the late game.