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Rumble·Mid Guide

Junkyard TitanP
Scrap ShieldW
Electro HarpoonE
The EqualizerR
Win rate53.0%
Pick rate0.5%
Ban rate4.4%
Matches6 497-
Rumble Mid has a 53.0% win rate and 0.5% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked D tier. Below, you will find a very detailed guide for Rumble Mid, where we explain strengths and weaknesses of the champion, powerspikes, and game plans for each stage of the game. Step up your game with our Rumble Mid guide!
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Rumble Strengths & Weaknesses

Can do a lot of damage to enemy units with his Passive empowered FlamespitterQ who are close to him. This makes it easy for him to act as a disruptor during team fights.

His Electro HarpoonE combined with his Scrap ShieldW can allow him to run down a single enemy target easily. The Scrap ShieldW shield allows him to mitigate a good amount of poke as well.

His Ultimate The EqualizerR makes him a menace during team fights. The enemy team can’t afford to fight in closed spaces or they will definitely get chunked out by his Ultimate The EqualizerR.


Rumble’s effectiveness is drastically decreased when his Passive is not half filled. The enemy can try to trade with him freely during this point.

He is quite squishy and vulnerable when his FlamespitterQ is on cooldown. This also applies when his weapons are overheated, which provides an opening for the enemy to all-in him.

Due to his immobility, a freeze can ruin his laning phase entirely. This will make him prone to ganks and will not allow him to CS at all.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Rumble is Average

Your goal in the early game is to play safe, pick up gold and XP and avoid dying to the enemy laner. You are rather weak in the early game and need time to come online.

Once you have quite a few levels under your belt, you should look for short favourable trades. As you’re not strong in the early game, you may wish to wait for the enemy to waste an ability before playing aggressive.

Keep the minion wave closer to your side of the map in the early game. This will ensure safety and reduce your chances of dying in lane.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Rumble is Average

If your allies move to your lane after destroying their tower, rotate and move around the map to continue farming and gaining XP and gold.

Use your abilities to clear the minion waves quickly so your team can siege/ prevent a siege from the enemy team. If you can land poke while also pushing the minion wave, you could look for a favourable trade.

While sieging Baron or Dragon, or whenever you’re pushing the enemy under their tower, look for a pick with your abilities. If you can catch someone out of position or blow them up, you’ll be able to take the objective for free.

Late game
25+ min
Rumble is Average

In the late game, look for picks on immobile or miss positioned enemies. Taking someone down in the late game can give you enough time to force a fight, siege an objective or take the Baron or Elder Dragon.

If the enemy is grouping, look to group with your team too. In team fights, continue to focus the squishiest and easiest to kill high priority targets in the backline.

Flank in team fights to make getting on the enemy backline easily. Make sure you’re near your team at all times so you can get in the fight fast.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Level six is a massive spike for him and his team. He can now affect fights easily with his Ultimate The EqualizerR and ensure that enemies can't fight him fair and square during fights.

The first item component will allow him to deal a lot of damage to his opponents. It will also be beneficial when he casts his Ultimate The EqualizerR.

His early game is good, but the outcome of the lane really depends on the matchup he is in. He should have quite an easy time in the lane as long as he can poke enemies consistently.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Another point in his Ultimate The EqualizerR will seriously tip team fights in chokepoints into his favor. All he needs to do is time it well and drop it at the proper places.

He will now have multiple items at his disposal. This means that his damage will increase significantly, and he should have an easy time melting through enemy health bars.

Rumble's presence during mid-game fights is really fabulous. He should be able to win multiple fights just by using his Ultimate The EqualizerR properly.

Late game25+ min

Rumble is excellent during late-game fights as his Ultimate The EqualizerR and his basic abilities will all hit like a truck now, especially during team fights.

Maxing out his Ultimate The EqualizerR will reduce the ability's cooldown and allow him to use it frequently. It will be a deciding factor during the objective fights.

Rumble will dish out a lot of damage during this phase of the game. His ability to melt through enemy health bars will force his enemies to play defensively.

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