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Reign of AngerP
Cull the MeekQ
Ruthless PredatorW
Slice and DiceE
Win rate50.1%
Pick rate5.9%
Ban rate2.9%
Matches94 840-
Renekton Top has a 50.1% win rate and 5.9% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked A tier. Based on our analysis of 94 840 matches, the best counters for Renekton Top are Warwick, Illaoi, Dr. Mundo, Quinn and Ornn. On the other hand, Renekton Top counters Yasuo, Akali, Yone, Cho'Gath and Irelia.
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Top Top  Patch 14.12

Renekton counter tips

General advice on how to play against Renekton
These champs are strong against Renekton at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Renekton.
Laning Against Renekton

Laning Against Renekton

Renekton is an early game dominant champion. Expect him to play aggressive and go for kills.

Whenever Renekton is above 50 Fury, his next ability will be empowered. Stay at max distance so he cannot get an empowered Ruthless PredatorW or Cull the MeekQ off on you. Avoid fighting when he has tons of Fury too.

Do not underestimate Renekton range with his Dash Slice and DiceE. He can use it on the minion wave to close the gap and trade with you.

Strategy VS Renekton

Strategy VS Renekton

Renekton will look to split push when no team fights are occuring. Make sure someone who can contest him is stopping him from split pushing. Do not send someone who is unable to beat him to stop him from pushing.

For his Slice and DiceE to be effective, he will need to get as close to the enemy as possible in a team fight. With this in mind, Renekton will probably try to flank in a team fight rather than run towards you. Make sure your flanks are warded so you can spot him before he gets the chance to engage.

Renekton has great pick potential so watch your positioning. It is not uncommon for Renekton to Flash Cull the MeekQ to catch someone out who is too far forward.

Renekton Power Spikes

Renekton Power Spikes

Renekton is an early game bully. Expect him to play aggressive and go for kills. Once he is level 3, he gets his first major power spike and can easily force a Flash. Expect this and play respectfully.

Once Renekton is level 6 and unlocks his Ultimate DominusR, he can be really aggressive and kill you. If you’re low, recall and avoid pushing the wave if he’s ahead as he can all-in you while you’re overextended.

After Renekton has completed his first item, his kill pressure also increases. Avoid trading or duelling him unless you’re ahead.