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Blinding AssaultQ
Heightened SensesW
Behind Enemy LinesR
Win rate48.0%
Pick rate0.0%
Ban rate1.6%
Quinn Bot has a 48.0% win rate and 0.0% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked D tier. Based on our analysis of 740 matches, the best counters for Quinn Bot are Yasuo, Xayah, Aphelios, Ziggs and Nilah. On the other hand, Quinn Bot counters Twitch, Kalista, Seraphine, Corki and Varus.
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Bot Bot  Patch 14.13

Quinn counter tips

General advice on how to play against Quinn
These champs are strong against Quinn at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Quinn.
Laning Against Quinn

Laning Against Quinn

Once Quinn hits level 6, her kill pressure in a trade doesn’t exactly increase as her Ultimate Behind Enemy LinesR is a utility tool. However, her ability to roam does. If she leaves the lane, ping your teammates so they know that she is missing.

She has a lot of burst damage early. Keep this in mind when laning against her and expect her to play aggressive and look for all-ins.

When returning to the lane, Quinn may look for an aggressive all-in. This is another thing to keep in mind. You can reduce her chances of all-ining you by watching as you walk back to lane, or by keeping the wave closer to your side of the lane.

Strategy VS Quinn

Strategy VS Quinn

Quinn cannot team fight easily. She will try to flank from the side with her Ultimate Behind Enemy LinesR and get on to a carry. Ward your flanks to make it harder for her to engage for free.

If Quinn can’t team fight, she will stay in a side lane and try to split push. You can either send someone who has TP to prevent her from taking side towers, or you can quickly engage on to the enemy team and start a fight. Do not delay a team fight as it will give Quinn time to take an objective or rotate to join her team.

Quinn’s pick potential is high. When sieging an objective, make sure nobody in your team is too far forward as she can pick them off with her VaultE and start the fight.

Quinn Power Spikes

Quinn Power Spikes

Quinn is not the strongest at level 6 as her Ultimate Behind Enemy LinesR cannot be used in skirmishes. You could use this to your advantage when trading to get a kill.

However, Quinn does have good roam priority post 6 and may push the wave and then roam mid to help her mid-laner. Ping if she does.

When Quinn has completed her first component item, she can go for much stronger bursty trades against you. If you’re a weak early game ADC or if she has the item advantage, don’t trade with her.