Lissandra·Mid Guide

Iceborn SubjugationP
Ice ShardQ
Ring of FrostW
Glacial PathE
Frozen TombR
Win rate50.1%
Pick rate2.6%
Ban rate1.2%
Matches42 070-
Lissandra Mid has a 50.1% win rate and 2.6% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked B tier. Below, you will find a very detailed guide for Lissandra Mid, where we explain strengths and weaknesses of the champion, powerspikes, and game plans for each stage of the game. Step up your game with our Lissandra Mid guide!
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Lissandra Strengths & Weaknesses

Lissandra is really good in team fights as you can flank the enemy from the side with your Glacial PathE.

She has incredible gank set up throughout the laning phase thanks to her Ring of FrostW and her Frozen TombR. This makes her a formidable opponent against squishy champions.

Your wave clear is incredibly strong and you can clear waves fast. You can then use your lane priority to roam with ease.


Lisandra has to commit to an all-in in order to make use of her kit. This can be a problem if her team is not on the same page as her.

Her Ultimate Frozen TombR is more of a utility tool rather than a damaging tool. This can be an issue against stronger mid lane champions.

If you’re behind, you’re going to deal no damage in team fights and your poke/all-in will not be very good.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Lissandra is Average

Play safe for the first few levels. You need time to come online and you shouldn’t be fighting unless you have a clear early advantage.

Once you have a few levels under your belt, you can start to play aggressive and look for aggressive plays.

Push the wave and look for roaming opportunities. Lissandra is a very good roaming champion who can impact the map and assist her allies with ease. Post 6, try to push and roam.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Lissandra is Strong

After your bot lane has moved to the mid lane, rotate to the bot side of the map or somewhere else on the map so you can continue to farm and gain XP.

When no team fights are occurring, go to a side lane and push. It’s important that you continue to farm during the mid-game so you can get your items as quickly as possible. Do not just stay mid if you can’t get anything done.

As you’re good at getting picks and killing isolated targets, try to ambush and assassinate enemies who are alone or walking around Summoners Rift alone. After killing someone, make the call for a nearby objective.

Late game
25+ min
Lissandra is Average

Avoid team fighting in the late game unless your Ultimate Frozen TombR and Zhonya’s Hourglass is up. If you try to team fight when either one of them are down, you will be rather vulnerable.

Use your abilities in the late game to peel for your carries to keep them alive. Use your Ultimate Frozen TombR on the nearest enemy champion and focus them down first.

Stay with your team at all times. Do not leave them and go to split push as the enemy may force a fight while you’re gone. Stay grouped, but be prepared to stay off to the side and out of vision.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Lissandra's first item component will allow her to wave clear more efficiently. This is quite beneficial for her team as she can roam around a lot.

Lissandra will get a massive power spike at level 6 due to her ability to chain CC an enemy to oblivion. This is really useful when dealing with a fed or mobile carry.

Putting multiple points in her Ice ShardQ will make her more powerful. It will let her wave clear quickly and allow her to deal a lot of damage to enemy groups.

Mid game15 - 25 min

At level 9, Lissandra's Ice ShardQ will be maxed out. This means that she will be dealing tons of damage now, especially in grouped fights.

Lissandra is really good in team fights. She can easily CC high priority targets and single-handedly win a team fight due to her AoE abilities and Passive.

Her Ultimate Frozen TombR at level 11 will provide her with a lot of pick potential. She can use that ability frequently, which means that team fights and picks will be pretty frequent.

Late game25+ min

Teams tend to group up during the late game. This means that Lissandra will have a gala time finding picks and CC'ing the entire enemy team.

Her Ultimate Frozen TombR will become really powerful when it is maxed out. This means that she will be able to pick off enemies with ease and whenever she wants to. This is really beneficial for her team.

Lissandra will have multiple items during this phase of the game. This means that she will be dealing tremendous amounts of AoE damage which will be detrimental to the enemy team.

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