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Dream-Laden BoughP
Blooming BlowsQ
Watch Out! Eep!W
Lilting LullabyR
Win rate46.2%
Pick rate0.1%
Ban rate2.5%
Lillia Top has a 46.2% win rate and 0.1% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked D tier. Based on our analysis of 403 matches, the best counters for Lillia Top are . On the other hand, Lillia Top counters Vayne, Gragas, Trundle, Teemo and Fiora.
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Top Top  Patch 14.8

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General advice on how to play against Lillia
These champs are strong against Lillia at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Lillia.

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Laning Against Lillia

Laning Against Lillia

Post 6, fighting Lillia alone could be difficult as she can use her Ultimate Lilting LullabyR to protect herself or turn around the exchange. Avoid committing to fights unless you are certain you can kill her quickly.

Keeping the wave closer to your side of the map early will force her to overextend for the farm which you can abuse to all-in her or set up your Jungler.

Look out for Lillia’s build. She has a very versatile build path and will build lots of different items. Keep this in mind and buy items that counter her build.

Strategy VS Lillia

Strategy VS Lillia

Try and burst Lillia down as quickly as you can in a team fight so she is unable to use her Ultimate Lilting LullabyR to put your whole team asleep.

Keep an eye on where Lillia is when moving around the river and sieging objectives like the Baron or Dragon as she may use her SwirlseedE to deal some burst damage to you and your team.

Keep in mind that in team fights, her Ultimate Lilting LullabyR will be able to put enemies who have stacks on them to sleep. Avoid letting her auto-attack or deal damage to lots of champions to reduce her chances of CC’ing the whole team.

Lillia Power Spikes

Lillia Power Spikes

When Lillia has maxed out her first ability at level 9, her trains power will heavily increase.

Level 6 is a good power spike for Lillia in the top lane. She can use it to kill you alone or set up her Jungler.

Lillia is very strong in team fights thanks to her Ultimate Lilting LullabyR. She could easily put the whole enemy team to sleep if she is able to hit everyone with it.