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Icathian SurpriseP
Caustic SpittleQ
Bio-Arcane BarrageW
Void OozeE
Living ArtilleryR
Win rate53.0%
Pick rate2.6%
Ban rate0.8%
Matches43 831-
Kog'Maw Bot has a 53.0% win rate and 2.6% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked S tier. Based on our analysis of 43 831 matches, the best counters for Kog'Maw Bot are Seraphine and Twitch. On the other hand, Kog'Maw Bot counters Aphelios, Xayah, Varus, Corki and Kalista.
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Bot Bot  Patch 14.13

Kog'Maw counter tips

General advice on how to play against Kog'Maw
These champs are strong against Kog'Maw at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Kog'Maw.

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Laning Against Kog'Maw

Laning Against Kog'Maw

Kog’Maw is rather squishy in the early game. Try to abuse his weakness and look for fights to set him behind.

Post-6, Kog’Maw will deal lots of damage in a trade thanks to his Bio-Arcane BarrageW and his Ultimate Living ArtilleryR. Try to bait out his Bio-Arcane BarrageW before committing to the all-in.

Forcing Kog’Maw to overextend for farm is a good way of winning the matchup. As he will be overextended, this will allow your Jungler to gank your lane. This will also force him to use his Ultimate Living ArtilleryR or Bio-Arcane BarrageW to farm with- which you can capitalise on.

Strategy VS Kog'Maw

Strategy VS Kog'Maw

In team fights, try to lock Kog’Maw down as quickly as you can. This will reduce his ability to deal lots of damage with his Bio-Arcane BarrageW and auto-attacks.

At times, Kog’Maw will be left alone with his Support in the mid lane. You can abuse this by ambushing the two of them when the enemy is split up around the map. From there, you can take objectives in the mid lane.

Positioning is key for Kog’Maw. If he mispositions or walks too far forward to harass, make sure you capitalize on it and take him down.

Kog'Maw Power Spikes

Kog'Maw Power Spikes

Kog’Maw is weak in the early game. You can abuse this to get an early lead or blow his Summoner Spells.

At level 6, Kog’Maw will have an easier time poking and trading thanks to his Ultimate Living ArtilleryR. Take care when trading with him, and try not to let him burst you down.

Kog’Maw benefits from extended trades once he has a few points in his Bio-Arcane BarrageW. Do not go for extended trades with him unless you have an advantage.