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Mark of the StormP
Thundering ShurikenQ
Electrical SurgeW
Lightning RushE
Slicing MaelstromR
Win rate50.7%
Pick rate1.9%
Ban rate0.8%
Matches22 988-
Get everything you need for Kennen Top build! The highest win rate Kennen runes, items, skill order and summoner spells in patch 13.19.
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Use your range advantage against melee champions to bully them down and contest them for every CS. Try and stay at max range at all times so they cannot trade back with you.

If the enemy has lots of disengage or peel, be prepared to flank from the side in team fights to make full use of your Ultimate Slicing MaelstromR.

Kennen is one of the few champions that can be built AP or on hit. Take a look at what damage your team needs and build accordingly.

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Every combo you need to master the champion!

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New Champion: Briar

New Champion: Briar

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In-depth Build Stats

In-depth Build Stats

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