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Win rate44.9%
Pick rate0.1%
Ban rate3.8%
Kassadin Top has a 44.9% win rate and 0.1% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked D tier. Based on our analysis of 695 matches, the best counters for Kassadin Top are Tristana. On the other hand, Kassadin Top counters Urgot, LeBlanc, Varus, Yorick and Pantheon.
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Top Top  Patch 14.12

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General advice on how to play against Kassadin
These champs are strong against Kassadin at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Kassadin.

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Laning Against Kassadin

Laning Against Kassadin

Try to gain an early advantage by playing aggressive and blowing an early Flash. Kassadin is at his weakest during the laning phase and is highly abusable.

Post level 6, if you have any CC abilities, do not use them unless his Ultimate RiftwalkR is down as he will use their cooldowns to play aggressive and trade with you.

Kassadin lacks wave clear in the early game. If you can keep the wave closer to your side of the map early on, it will be very difficult for him to farm or break your freeze. If he does walk up to last hit, you can look to trade with him.

Strategy VS Kassadin

Strategy VS Kassadin

Kassadin will be split pushing during the mid-game so he can get to his level 16 power spike and then try to flank in team fights with his Ultimate RiftwalkR.

If you see that Kassadin is split pushing, you could try and start a team fight with the numbers advantage as he will be unable to join the fight quickly.

Avoid stalling the game out for too long as Kassadin is a late-game monster. Try to end the game as quickly as you can.

Kassadin Power Spikes

Kassadin Power Spikes

Kassadin is very weak in the early game. Try to exploit this to gain a lead and prevent him from taking over the map. Giving him a rough start will reduce his scaling.

Once Kassadin has his Ultimate RiftwalkR, he will be able to trade more frequently and also escape danger. At this stage, his kill pressure also increases.

Kassadin is a later game monster and once he’s level 16, he will be very slippery thanks to his Ultimate RiftwalkR and short cooldowns. Try and end before he gets a chance to reach level 16.