Galio·Mid Counters

Colossal SmashP
Winds of WarQ
Shield of DurandW
Justice PunchE
Hero's EntranceR
Win rate53.0%
Pick rate3.5%
Ban rate1.2%
Matches56 588-
Galio Mid has a 53.0% win rate and 3.5% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked S tier. Based on our analysis of 56 588 matches, the best counters for Galio Mid are Talon, Brand, Cassiopeia, Vex and Naafiri. On the other hand, Galio Mid counters Azir, Vladimir, Ryze, Xerath and Akali.
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Mid Mid  Patch 14.12

Galio counter tips

General advice on how to play against Galio
These champs are strong against Galio at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Galio.
Laning Against Galio

Laning Against Galio

When Galio charges towards you, try to disengage as quickly as possible. If you let him get close, he will look to engage with his Justice PunchE and then taunt you with his Shield of DurandW.

As soon as Galio goes missing post level 6, ping your team as he may be looking to roam with his Ultimate Hero's EntranceR.

If you’re a ranged champion, use your range advantage to harass and poke him down whenever he moves forward to last hit.

Strategy VS Galio

Strategy VS Galio

Avoid grouping closely together in team fights as it may enable Galio to get a 5 man knock-up with his Hero's EntranceR once one of his allies has engaged. Space out between one another for maximum survivability from the get-go.

If Galio uses his Ultimate Hero's EntranceR when you’re near him, you can disrupt it with any crowd control abilities. This will be very helpful as it can stop him from using his Ultimate Hero's EntranceR to help his allies.

In team fights, try to harass and poke him down as much as possible before he can look to engage. By poking him down first, you’ll make it impossible for him to look for an engage with his Justice PunchE and Shield of DurandW.

Galio Power Spikes

Galio Power Spikes

Try and stay at max range at all times to make it very hard for Galio to use his Justice PunchE and Shield of DurandW aggressively to taunt you. He is much stronger and has good gank set up when he’s healthy and both of these abilities are up.

Galio’s biggest power spike is reached at level 6. His Hero's EntranceR gives a large opportunity to gank and assist other lines or introduce himself in a team fight. However, he doesn’t have much kill threat against enemy laners in a 1v1 at level 6.

After Galio has completed his first item and has many points in his Winds of WarQ and Justice PunchE, he will be able to quickly push the wave and roam. Try and match his wave clear and keep him pushed in so he cannot roam for free.