Diana·Mid Counters

Moonsilver BladeP
Crescent StrikeQ
Pale CascadeW
Lunar RushE
Win rate51.9%
Pick rate2.4%
Ban rate2.5%
Matches4 371-
Diana Mid has a 51.9% win rate and 2.4% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked A tier. Based on our analysis of 4 371 matches, the best counters for Diana Mid are Garen, Aurelion Sol, Vladimir, Viktor and Galio. On the other hand, Diana Mid counters Smolder, Vel'Koz, Annie, Malphite and Tristana.
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Mid Mid  Patch 14.14

Diana counter tips

General advice on how to play against Diana
These champs are strong against Diana at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Diana.
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Laning Against Diana

Laning Against Diana

Diana has a unique playstyle when it comes to farming and trading during the early game. Her Pale CascadeW has a strong impact on the wave and she will tend to push the wave with it. Try to engage and fight her when her Pale CascadeW is on cooldown.

Diana is dependent on landing her Crescent StrikeQ for the all-in. Try to back away if she lands it to reduce her chances to follow up with her Lunar RushE and trade.

She is a melee champion that struggles against ranged champions. When playing as a ranged champion, use your abilities and auto-attacks on her when she moves forward to last hit.

Strategy VS Diana

Strategy VS Diana

When she is low on mana, she is not a threat to you as her kit requires a lot of mana to trade effectively. When she’s low, there’s your chance to fight.

During team fights, Diana's kit offers a lot of burst damage thanks to her Ultimate MoonfallR. Try to poke her down before she engages to make it really hard for her to engage and kill anybody.

Diana's engage is pretty scripted. Ward to the side when sieging an objective so she cannot surprise your team with an all-in

Diana Power Spikes

Diana Power Spikes

Once Diana hits level 6, she can start to receive ganks from her Jungler as her Ultimate MoonfallR deals a lot of damage and is CC. With this in mind, try to ward the river and side bushes to spot the enemy Jungler before they show up in your lane.

Whenever Diana lands her Crescent StrikeQ, she could look for the all-in thanks to the reset on her Lunar RushE. Try and play safer when her Crescent StrikeQ has landed and wait for it to disappear before walking forward.

Diana is rather weak if she doesn’t get kills early on. With this in mind, try not to feed her and ping whenever she goes missing as Diana will look to roam if she can’t kill anyone in mid.