Briar·Jungle Counters

Crimson CurseP
Head RushQ
Blood Frenzy / Snack AttackW
Chilling ScreamE
Certain DeathR
Win rate51.0%
Pick rate3.3%
Ban rate5.4%
Matches26 971-
Briar Jungle has a 51.0% win rate and 3.3% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked B tier. Based on our analysis of 26 971 matches, the best counters for Briar Jungle are Jax, Karthus, Rek'Sai, Brand and Udyr. On the other hand, Briar Jungle counters Nidalee, Sylas, Shaco, Zed and Ekko.
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Jungle Jungle  Patch 14.14

Briar counter tips

General advice on how to play against Briar
These champs are strong against Briar at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Briar.
Laning Against Briar

Laning Against Briar

Her skirmishing power early on is quite high. Keep this in mind when attempting to fight her alone.

When invading a Briar, try to hide in bushes before jumping on her. Wait for her to use her abilities on the camps and then strike her down.

If you’re low or if you see an ally low on health overstaying their welcome, ping and communicate as she will look to get easy kills with her Ultimate Certain DeathR.

Strategy VS Briar

Strategy VS Briar

As an assassin, she will look to take down targets walking around the rift alone or too far forward and away from their team. Stick together and force fights when she isn’t there.

Expect her to flank from afar in team fights. Place deep over shallow vision to help spot her before she can make a move.

Try to blow her up when she goes in with her Ultimate Certain DeathR. She is an easy target if she goes in alone, so focus her fast!

Briar Power Spikes

Briar Power Spikes

Her earliest power spike, like many Junglers is at level 3, where she unlocks her core abilities. Fighting her for the first crab may be dangerous!

When Briar hits level 6, her true ganking potential comes to light, and she will look to gank and help her allies from afar.

She is good in the mid-game, and if she gets an early lead, she will be strong during this game phase.