Rest’s EZ GM Warlock



Rest’s EZ GM Warlock
Rest’s EZ GM Warlock

Solar Warlock build for PvE by RestAssured











Class Item


Stats Priority


Polaris LanceExotic Scout Rifle

Landing precision hits will load a bullet back into the magazine. After 5 precision hits, it will cause an explosion that applies scorch.


Phoenix ProtocolExotic Chest Armor

When you or your teammates get a kill while in your well of radiance, you are refunded super energy. You can get up to half of your energy back and this lets you have infinite wells.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to be able to run any GM extremely easily without ever needing to swap your loadout.

This is going to be achieved with unlimited supers whenever you need them and the ability for your primary weapon to do massive damage and ad clear.

For unlimited supers, you have your exotic Phoniex Protocol. This is going to allow you to refund half of your super energy when getting kills inside of your well of radiance. After refunding half, just doing normal damage will start to refill it, and you can a new well of radiance by the end of the first one. This lets you use them more aggressively without worrying if you will have one for a boss fight.

Your primary weapon, Polaris Lance, has a lot going into it. Getting precision hits will load a bullet back into the magazine, and after four precision hits, it will load an explosive shot. This shot can apply scorch and will synergize with our artifact. With kindling trigger, while radiant when doing damage with a solar weapon, you can apply scorch. That means you now have scorch on the first shot of Polaris Lance and the fifth shot. With the fragment ember of ashes applying more scorch stacks with these two combined you will always cause an ignition every five shots. This will give you the ability to only use your primary weapon if you so choose to.

To become radiant, the artifact perk flint striker will grant it on rapid precision hits or solar weapon kills. This means that just shooting Polaris Lance the way it is intended will now provide you with the ability to ignite. You can also take things like the artifact perk torch, so when doing damage to stasis or strand debuffed targets, you deal more damage while radiant. With a chill clip weapon, you can apply slow, which means you now do more damage to that target.

To do even more damage to bosses or champions the artifact perk revitilizing blast will allow your celestial fire melee you apply weaken to them. You will be able to spam your melee because of the fragment ember of benevolence. This will provide you with extreme ability regen whenever you heal or empower your teammates. You can do this with your well of radiance, your healing rift, and your healing grenade.

Other things to round out the build are going to be touch of flame to buff your healing grenade. Icarus dash for better mobility. Ember of empyrean, so when getting kills, you can extend your radiant and restoration. Finally ember of char so your ignitions can apply scorch. Between that and the scorch from Polaris Lance, you can start to cause chain reactions that can clear out entire rooms of enemies.

To deal with every single champion, you have radiant which makes any weapon you are using have the ability to deal with barrier champs. Polaris Lance causing easy ignitions is your way to deal with unstoppable champs. Finally, for overload, you have things like chill clip, which can apply slow, and the artifact perk overload rocket. This perk will actually give more damage to your rocket when using it on an overload champ. For even more rocket damage, you have things like argent ordnance as well. Pairing those two perks together, you can pretty much delete and overload champ with your rockets.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Use well of radiance
  2. Get radiant by landing rapid precision hits
  3. Apply slow to a champion with chill clip
  4. Apply weaken to a champion with your celestial fire
  5. Cause ignitions with Polaris Lance with damage and kills
  6. Refill well of radiance by getting kills inside of it