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Rest's Witch Doctor
Rest's Witch Doctor

Strand Warlock build for PvE by RestAssured











Class Item


Stats Priority


Rufus's FuryLegendary Auto Rifle

Strand primary with Hatchling to make Orbs of Power and Threadlings. Rufus’s is strong because it can also come with Demolitionist to get your grenade back.


SwarmersExotic Leg Armor

When destroying a Tangle (by shooting or throwing) you will make two Threadlings. Threadlings from every source will unravel enemies.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to have Threadlings out at all times.

You have four different ways to create a Threadling. First of is with your weapon that will have the Hatchling perk on it alongside the fragment Thread of Rebirth so every kill has a chance to spawn a Threadling. Next up is your grenade which will spawn three Threadlings when throw it. Just like your grenade your class ability will spawn three Threadlings when casted due to your aspect Weaver’s Call. Finally when you destroy Tangles you will spawn two Threadlings because of your exotic the Swarmers.

All of your Threadlings will be buffed by the fragment Thread of Evolution which gives them more damage and the ability to travel further. They will also be able to unravel enemies on hit with your exotic Swarmers.

To spam your abilities to make Threadlings, the fragment Thread of Generation will help out with getting your grenade back on dealing damage. The mod bolstering detonation will grant you class ability energy when dealing damage with a grenade which helps out with spamming your rifts. On top of that with the multiple mods that provide bonuses on Orb of Power pick up will greatly increase your ability spam.

Alongside Orb of Power pick up, the fragment Thread of Warding will provide you with woven mail when you collect an orb, this will help with your survivability a ton. Other things to help out with the build are your aspect The Wanderer which will buff your Tangles by making them suspend enemies when destroyed. Your Threadlings also will gain the ability to make Tangles as well. For artifact perks things like communal pickups is extremely nice because if someone shoots your Tangle you get the cooldown reduced by 5 seconds and a damage boost. Frenzied stacks is also nice to increase your Tangle damage which also works when you shoot it. Finally elemental munitions will grant you heavy and special ammo when kill enemies with Tangles.

Overall with this build you should have a literal Threadling army up at all times with so many ways to make them. Alongside that you get great benefits from the artifact and other things that go into most strand builds.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Get kills with weapons to make Threadlings
  2. Throw grenade to make Threadlings
  3. Use Rift to make Threadlings
  4. Destroy Tangles to make Threadlings
  5. Spam these repeatedly to keep your Threadling army up at all times
  6. Pick up Orbs of Power to activate Woven Mail
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