Rest's Riftsplosion



Rest's Riftsplosion
Rest's Riftsplosion

Stasis Warlock build for PvE by RestAssured

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Class Item

Stats Priority


Ager's ScepterExotic Trace Rifle

Stasis kills will return ammo to magazine and cause a slowing area of effect that will freeze enemies. The catalyst will let you consume your super to overcharge the weapon.


Vesper of RadiusExotic Chest Armor

Casting your rift will create an arc shockwave that damages enemies and will make them explode. Being surrounded by enemies will greatly increase your rift cooldown rate.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to have unlimited healing rift energy and to turn it into an offensive ability.

When casting your rift you will be able to freeze enemies with the frostpulse aspect and then shatter them with the Vesper of Radius arc shockwave. Freezing those targets will also create stasis shards with the aspect glacial harvest. These will grant you extra penumbral blast energy and can even grant you armor charge with the mod elemental charge.

To have unlimited uptime on your rift a couple things play into it. Vesper of Radius on it’s own will grant you greatly increase cooldown rate when surrounded by enemies. The fragment whisper of refraction will grant you class ability energy on frozen target kills, which your rift can do. Finally to take advantage of the armor charge the mod utility kickstart will grant you some rift energy when you fully expend your class ability energy.

To round things out the fragment whisper of fissures will grant you some extra shatter damage to make your rift kill more. The fragments whisper of conduction will make your stasis shards track to you for easier gameplay. Finally the fragment whisper of bonds will give you some extra super energy on frozen target kills. This will be really good paired with the Ager’s Scepter catalyst and even your mod dynamo which gives you super energy when casting your rift near enemies.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Look for a large group of enemies
  2. Use rift on those enemies to freeze them
  3. Once frozen the arc shockwave will shatter the targets
  4. Pick up stasis shards to grant an armor charge
  5. Use Ager’s Scepter to get a kill to make an orb
  6. Pick up all orbs and stasis shards
  7. Repeat spamming your rift over and over
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