Rest's Explosive Burn



Rest's Explosive Burn
Rest's Explosive Burn

Solar Warlock build for PvE by RestAssured











Class Item


Stats Priority


RiptideLegendary Fusion Rifle

Slow from chill clip can stun overload champions.


Dawn ChorusExotic Helmet

Your Daybreak super does more damage and now applies scorch. Your scorch now does more damage, and when the scorch is ticking, you gain melee energy.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to spread scorch everywhere and cause ignitions all the time.

Our scorch damage will be buffed due to our exotic Dawn Chorus while also granting us melee energy per scorch tick. On top of that, your super will do more damage and apply scorch as well. With our exotic weapon, Polaris Lance getting 4 precision hits, will load a 5th shot that explodes and applies scorch. If you are running the kindling trigger artifact perk shooting an enemy will apply scorch while radiant, and then once the Polaris Lance explosion procs you will get an ignite. This is extremely nice because you essentially get an ignite every five shots from your exotic weapon.

Ignites are going to be extremely common because of that and because of the artifact perk rays of precision. Now while radiant, every precision kill you get will cause an ignite as well. Taking the fragment ember of char means that ignition will also apply scorch just like your Polaris Lance explosion. This will lead to ever more chaining ignites and massive scorch damage.

To be radiant at all times, the artifact perk flint striker will allow you to become radiant when getting rapid precision hits or solar weapon kills. This is nice because of how you are going to be using Polaris Lance. The fragment ember of empyrean will also help keep radiant up because you only need to get a solar weapon or ability kill to extend the timer. This is also nice because our healing grenade will apply restoration to us, and this will be extended as well because of the fragment. To buff the healing grenade, we'll take the aspect touch of flame for more cure and even stronger restoration.

Artifact perks like heart of the flame are nice to grant allies and yourself radiant while also increasing your super damage when you pop your super. This pairs nicely with Dawn Chorus. The final artifact perk is revitalizing blast, so your solar abilities can apply a debuff to bosses and champions.

Then the final things to round the build-out are going to be ember of ashes, so all the scorch stacks we apply will apply more. This leads to faster ignites and more damage. Since we will scorch everything the fragment ember of searing is nice because we will now make firesprites and grant even more melee energy.

A final cool note is that if you run something with the chill clip perk, you have access to stun every champion. Chill clip will slow which stuns overload, radiant will stun barrier, and ignites can stun unstoppable champions.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Get multiple precision final blows to proc radiant
  2. Get multiple precision kills to proc ignites and spread scorch
  3. Rapidly hit bosses or champs with precision hits to proc your scorch explosion
  4. This explosion, paired with your scorch from kindling trigger, will cause an ignite
  5. Use your buffed super on any boss for massive damage
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