Plunder's Meta Daybreak



Plunder's Meta Daybreak
Plunder's Meta Daybreak

Solar Warlock build for PvE by Plunderthabooty











Class Item

Stats Priority


SuccessionLegendary Sniper Rifle

An alternative DPS option while Dragon's Breath is auto-loading


Dawn ChorusExotic Helmet

Your Daybreak projectiles deal more damage and scorch targets on impact. Your scorch is improved and you gain a small amount of melee energy when your scorch damages a target.

How it Works

This Solar Warlock Build helps you solo flawless pretty much anything in Destiny 2. That’s because of a new combo this season with the new Exotic Dragon’s Breath. Since it applies a constant Scorch damage with Ignitions we can play into this on the Warlock. We add in Ember of Singeing which means we can always get our rift back infinitely because this fragment gives us a 300% increase in class ability regen!

So when we shoot a rocket off and switch to our Special for damage. We are getting that class ability back and our rocket is auto-loaded thanks to the Ignitions going off since we added in Dawn Chorus and Ember of Ashes.The Daybreak Super hits hard with Dawn Chorus. So you pop your rift, shoot off a Rocket, pop your super and throw all your blades.

Then when you come out of your super, fire off another rocket and switch to your special. By the time the 2 rockets are done damaging you will have your rift back. This allows infinite healing on any damage phase. So when you're trying to solo flawless something this build will make it 10 times easier for you. No crazy ability rotation or weapon rotation for bait and switch or anything. We also never swap Builds or Exotic Armor. It’s a great simple Build!

Gameplay Loop
  1. Use your Healing Grenade to Proc Restoration.
  2. Use your Melee to Proc Radiant.
  3. Solar Final blows will extend both of these
  4. Use your Rift before firing Dragon’s Breath
  5. The Scorch damage from Dragon’s Breath will give us a full Healing Rift back.
  6. Use your Daybreak super right after dropping your rift and firing Dragon’s Breath.
  7. Infinite rifts will keep you alive on any damage phase or platform.
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