Aztecross' Ice Spice



Aztecross' Ice Spice
Aztecross' Ice Spice

Stasis Warlock build for PvP by Aztecross

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Class Item

Stats Priority


JötunnExotic Fusion Rifle

The other exotic option that can be utilized with this build in lieu of Conditional Finality. Jötunn will one shot enemies that are frozen and spread damage to others.


Osmiomancy GlovesExotic Gauntlets

With two Coldsnap charges, better seeking, grenade energy on hits, and the Iceflare Bolts Aspect, Osmiomancy Gloves can endlessly freeze opponents and set up easy kills.

How it Works

The only ability of this build that can't freeze a target is the jump ability...

The primary means of freezing a target is with Coldsnap Grenades paired with the Osmiomancy Gloves which give an extra grenade charge, gives energy back on hits, and makes the seekers travel farther. Penumbral Blast will freeze a target when hit. Healing Rift paired with Frostpulse will freeze enemies nearby when casting Rift. And of course Shadebinder will be able to freeze enemies as well. All of these freezing sources are enhanced by Iceflare Bolts which will chain freeze enemies near a frozen enemy that was shattered.

There are two exotic weapons that can be used with this build. The choice is based on preference and availability. The first is Conditional Finality which is adds another freezing source to the build and will be able to kill multiple frozen enemies in close proximity. The other is Jötunn which is better for landing longer range kills on frozen enemies. Whichever you choose use the equipped exotic to easily clean up enemies frozen from abilities and send Iceflare Bolts to other enemies.

The mods of the build are geared towards returning grenade energy quickly with Bomber and Grenade Kickstart as well as buffing the primary weapon in use. Be sure to change the Unflinching, Targeting, Loader and Surge mods to match the element of the primary weapon that is in use.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Throw a Coldsnap Grenade at an enemy to freeze them and any other nearby enemies via Iceflare Bolts
  2. Kill a frozen enemy with the paired exotic: Conditional Finality or Jötunn
  3. Use Rift with Frostpulse or Penumbral Blast as alternative means of freezing enemies
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