The Arbiter

The Arbiter
The Arbiter

Arc Titan build for PvP











Class Item

Stats Priority


The Immortal (Adept)Legendary Submachine Gun

The top weapon in the meta right now. When paired with Peacekeepers it is only stronger. Rangefinder and Target Lock with maxed out range is the recommended roll. If you don't have the Adept version, the regular version works nearly as well.


PeacekeepersExotic Leg Armor

Submachine Guns are very hot right now. The Immortal is the most used weapon in the crucible with good reason. Peacekeepers amplifies the efficacy of the SMGs by reloading them when stowed, readying them instantly, improves handling, improves movement speed when wielding one, and increases airborne effectiveness with them.

How it Works

This build has quite a few things going for it. First Titans are the best class for utilizing The Immortal and other strong Submachine Guns because of the Peacekeepers. Second is Thundercrash is the best shutdown super in the game and has a lower cooldown. Lastly, Arc Titan has the means to buff and gets two charges of Lightning Grenades.

In terms of weapons paired with Peacekeepers, The Immortal is the recommended smg to use with this build. The smg to use is based on availability and preference, but some alternative options are the Ikelos smg, Tarrabah, Shayura's Wrath, and The Title. For the weapon to pair with an smg, there are quite a few options. A sniper would be good to balance out range, a wave frame grenade launcher to weaken enemies to close in on, or a shotgun can be used for full-on close-quarter aggression.

The abilities to build around are Barricade and Lightning Grenades. Barricade is great for taking map control, shutting off choke points, and securing objectives, revives, and heavy ammo. Lightning Grenades are great for forcing enemies off of areas. With Touch of Thunder, two charges are granted, and the initial blast will Jolt enemies and can lead to chaining multiple kills from just one grenade. Lightning Grenades can be built into even more by substituting Spark of Feedback with Spark of Shock so any hit with a Lightning Grenade will Jolt a target.

The neutral game is rounded out with the melee ability, which is buffed by Knockout and the Spark of Feedback Fragment. With the use of Submachine Guns, being in melee range is common, and once an opponent's shield is broken, Knockout activates, which will increase melee lunge distance, melee damage to 150, and start health regeneration on a melee kill. With Spark of Feedback active, melee damage increases to 150 after being hit with a melee or breaking a shield. This means landing just a couple smg shots instead of a double melee will win any double melee fight rather than trade.

Finally Thundercrash tops off the build as it can shut down Ward of Dawn and Well of Radiance in objective capturing or any roaming super. Thundercrash has a low cooldown time which will ensure it is available before most other supers.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Utilize Barricade for map control
  2. Zone an area off using Lightning Grenades
  3. Finish enemies who are Jolted and damaged with The Immortal
  4. Utilize Seismic Strike to quickly escape or change directions if needed