Rest's Second Shield



Rest's Second Shield
Rest's Second Shield

Void Titan build for PvE by RestAssured











Class Item

Stats Priority


Monte CarloExotic Auto Rifle

Dealing damage will grant melee energy and when getting kills there is a chance to fully restore melee energy. Getting kills with the weapon gives extra weapon damage and melee kills will max the damage out and refill the magazine.


Second ChanceExotic Gauntlets

Gain a second charge of shield throw. Shield throw will now weaken targets and can stun barrier champions. When stunning a barrier champion your shield throw will be restored.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to weaken enemies all the time.

That is achieved through both your melee and our grenade. Your melee shield throw will be able to weaken enemies with the exotic second chance. On top of the weaken you will also gain two charges of shield throw and they can stun barrier champions. Your Vortex Grenade will be able to weaken enemies with the fragment echo of undermining and to help with that, echo of remnants will make the grenade last longer, so it will weaken for longer.

To get your shield throw back fast, monte carlo is used which will refill your melee energy on damage, and on kills there is a chance to fully restore it. To get your vortex grenade, echo of exchange is used to get some grenade energy on melee kills. The fragment echo of starvation will also grant devour which will grant grenade energy on any kill.

Devour will also be one way to help out with survivability. Getting kills will not only refill your grenade energy, but also heal you to full. You can proc devour by either picking up and orb of power or a void breach. With the artifact perk protective breach picking up a void breach will also grant you an overshield. You can make void breaches with the artifact perk unto the breach when you defeating void debuffed targets.

While you have an overshield your grenades will recharge faster due to the aspect offensive bulwark. You will also easily be able to keep your overshield up with the bastion aspect which will grant one when popping your barricade.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Damage a barrier champion until the shield is up
  2. Throw your shield throw to stun the champion
  3. Apply weaken to that champion and receive your shield throw back
  4. Use shield throw and your vortex grenade to weaken tougher targets
  5. Use Monte Carlo to refund your melee energy
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