Overshield Area Control

Overshield Area Control
Overshield Area Control

Void Titan build for PvP











Class Item

Stats Priority


Techeun ForceLegendary Fusion Rifle

The weapon is a preference, but the Antaeus Wards work well with a Fusion Rifle; do so by sliding as the Fusion Rifle charges.


Antaeus WardsExotic Leg Armor

In PvP these boots allow for increased slide distance and a reflective shield when sliding. Between these boots and an Overshield, you should have no difficulty closing the gap on an enemy.

How it Works

With multiple sources of an Overshield, the Void Titan is very hard to take out. The primary means of gaining an Overshield is utilizing Barricade with Bastion. The other way is by a final blow with Shield Bash. The other defensive measure is through Antaeus Wards. These boots increase slide distance and give a reflective shield when sliding. Between the reflective shield and Overshield, it is very hard for an enemy to kill you as you are running them down.

The slide can be paired with a Shotgun or Fusion Rifle. When sliding charge the Fusion or shoot the Shotgun and then after the slide and special weapon shot you can still activate Shield Bash. This makes it such that if the special weapon does not kill the target, Shield Bash will, and you'll gain an Overshield, heal from Echo of Leeching, and immediately pick up the Orb of Power the enemy spawns from Reaper. This Orb of Power will heal you, activate Devour, and give a damage buff from a weapon surge mod.

The last portion of the build is the grenade. The grenade is mostly preference, and Echo of Undermining will make the grenade weaken targets.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Cast Barricade for an Overshield
  2. Close the gap on an enemy by sliding to activate Reflective Vents on Antaeus Wards
  3. Finish the enemy to create an Orb of Power
  4. Pick up the Orb of Power for a heal, a damage bonus to your special weapon from a Surge mod, and to activate Devour
  5. Repeat the process with Devour active for grenade energy and a heal on any kill
  6. Utilize Ward of Dawn for capture points or securing objectives