KackisHD's God Tier Titan



KackisHD's God Tier Titan
KackisHD's God Tier Titan

Void Titan build for PvE by KackisHD











Class Item

Stats Priority


Retrofit EscapadeLegendary Machine Gun

With Bricks from Beyond, heavy ammo is very easy to get. When using magazine increasing perks and Fourth Time's the Charm and Target Lock this machine can fire over 200 rounds without reloading. The weapon is also void, allowing it to benefit from Volatile Rounds. Commemoration is an alternative option in this slot.


ArmamentariumExotic Chest Armor

This exotic gives an extra grenade charge. Grenade kills are a means of obtaining Volatile Rounds via Echo of Instability, and having an extra grenade charge will help with the upkeep of Volatile Rounds.

How it Works

This build takes advantage of all the buffs void can provide. Overshields, Volatile Rounds, and Devour give this build offensive and defensive prowess. Overshields are gained from using Barricade paired with the Bastion Aspect. Overshield can also be gained when getting a kill while shields are depleted from the Echo of Vigilance Fragment. Volatile Rounds are gained after landing a grenade kill from Echo of Instability (or picking up an Orb of Power with the Season 20 artifact mod Volatile Flow). Devour is acquired when picking up an Orb of Power, and its timer is refreshed and gives grenade energy from any kill while active. Orbs of Power will also activate Weapon Surge mods for bonus weapon damage, Font mods for boosted stats, and if using Wavesplitter, will reload it and set it to maximum firing mode.

Devour and grenades feed into one another. Grenade kills create Orbs of Power with the Firepower mod, and when an Orb is picked up it grants Devour. Any kill with Devour will not only heal you and refresh its timer, but it gives grenade energy which helps with the uptime of Scatter Grenade and in turn Volatile Rounds. Armamentarium is the recommended exotic piece here because there will be so much grenade energy coming in, both grenade charges will be full often.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Cast Barricade to grant Overshields for you and your allies.
  2. Throw Scatter Grenade to kill an enemy and spawn an Orb of Power, gain Barricade Energy, and gain Volatile Rounds for Void Weapons.
  3. Collect an Orb of Power to activate Devour from Echo of Starvation, gain a Void weapon damage boost and get stat boosts from Font mods.
  4. Utilize Void weapons to deal damage with Volatile Rounds, heal from Controlled Detonation, and refresh Devour which gives grenade energy and health on each kill while active.
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