Datto's Arc Titan



Datto's Arc Titan
Datto's Arc Titan

Arc Titan build for PvE by Datto











Class Item

Stats Priority


IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3Legendary Submachine Gun

This is an abilities based build, but a good primary weapon to have is one with the perk Voltshot for the benefits applying Jolt provides.


Point-Contact Cannon BraceExotic Gauntlets

Allows Thunderclap to be used on a loop as defeating a target with the melee ability restores it. Use near targets to Jolt them as well. This allows for a continuous cycle of Jolting targets and using Thunderclap which will then create an Ionic Trace from Spark of Ions.

Alternatively, you can use An Insurmountable Skullfort and swap your big damage Thunderclaps for more frequent ones. Skullfort will refresh your melee on kill and provide health regeneration. Be sure to stack effects that boost you when you get melee kills, like Hands-On, Heavy Handed and Impact Induction.

How it Works

The newly buffed Point-Contact Cannon Brace has greatly increased the efficacy of Thunderclap. This is a very offensive build that relies on the melee ability to outright kill targets to refund itself and/or leaving enemies with a small amount of health to be quickly cleaned up. Melee Kickstart mods hasten the melee's cooldown when it does not kill an enemy as a contingency plan. The melee will also kickstart health regeneration due to the Knockout aspect. Survivability is supplemented by Electric Armor from the artifact and Spark of Resistance.

Survivability is a weak point of this build despite these few means of health regeneration and damage resistance, so be careful in diving head first into harder hitting enemies at lower health. An Insurmountable Skullfort is a good option if you are having difficulty with survivability due to its health regeneration capabilities. This exotic offers a similar playstyle that sacrifices the high damage punches for the ability to punch more often.

When using Thunderclap near enemies they will be Jolted. This in turn feeds Pulse Grenade because Spark of Ions will give Ionic Traces for defeating Jolted targets.

Pulse Grenade is self sufficient in that it will create Ionic Traces on its own and its cooldown is greatly reduced from the Lightning Strikes Twice mod. The grenade is a great supplement to Thundercrash for high health targets.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Use Thunderclap in groups of enemies
  2. Clean up targets who are Jolted and have a small amount of health remaining with Thunderclap or a weapon
  3. Use Thundercrash and Pulse Grenade for higher health targets
  4. Keep Clapping away
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