One-Shot Slam

One-Shot Slam
One-Shot Slam

Strand Hunter build for PvP

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One-Shot Slam
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Class Item

Stats Priority


Wish-KeeperExotic Combat Bow

Deals 50% bonus damage to Suspended enemies.


FoetracerExotic Helmet

This exotic increases weapon damage to weapons matching your subclass when damaging them with an ability. This allows Wish-Keeper to deal 193 damage on a precision shot.

How it Works

This build allows you to one-shot enemies with the Wish-Keeper exotic bow. The first step of the process is to get an enemy suspended with an ability. This is done with Ensnaring Slam or Shackle Grenade. If this is done with Ensnaring Slam it is ideal as it will create an Orb of Power on kill from the Reaper mod. If this is on cooldown, you will have 2 Shackle Grenade charges from the Widow's Silk aspect.

If an enemy is hit by Shackle Grenade or Ensnaring Slam they will activate the perk in Foetracer which will increase Strand weapon damage. This damage bonus plus the bonus damage of Wish-Keeper hitting Suspended enemies will make it deal 193 damage in the Crucible. This is enough to one-shot low-resilience enemies, but it is enough to kill because Ensnaring Slam and Shackle Grenade deal a small amount of damage. It is important to know that the Suspend from Wish-Keeper does NOT activate Foetracer and does not work with this combo.

The first fragment of the build are Thread of Continuity to suspend enemies for longer. Next is Thread of Generation to get grenade energy back quicker. Thread of Wisdom to create an Orb of Power on a kill of a suspended enemy. Lastly is Thread of Warding to get Woven Mail when you pick up an Orb of Power. Two Orbs of Power are created if you use Ensnaring Slam and one with Shackle Grenade. Orbs activate Woven Mail, heal from Recuperation, and give ability energy back.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Ensnaring Slam or Shackle Grenade an enemy to Suspend them
  2. One-shot the enemy with Wish-Keeper and create an Orb of Power
  3. Finish the target with Treaded Spike if you did not hit a precision shot
  4. Pick up the Orb of Power for Woven Mail, to heal with Recuperation, and gain class/grenade energy
  5. Repeat