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Arc Hunter build for PvP











Class Item

Stats Priority


Matador 64Legendary Shotgun

Weapons are preference with this build, but weapons that can clean up enemies tagged by Skip Grenades. A Shotgun, Sidearm, or SMG are good for that.


Shinobu's VowExotic Gauntlets

These gloves give 2 Skip Grenades, make them track aggressively, and give grenade energy back on hits landed with grenades. This allows you to spam Skip Grenades when paired with mods.

How it Works

Arc Hunter is typically associated with melee builds, but Shinobu's Vow is a very oppressive exotic in the Crucible due to the power it gives Skip Grenades. With this exotic Skip Grenades get 2 charges, track aggressively, and give grenade energy on hits. Grenades are buffed further with the Spark of Shock Fragment which makes them Jolt targets. This makes them deal more damage and chain damage within groups of enemies.

The chip damage from throwing Skip Grenades opens up engaging into a fight with close range weaponry to finish a target. To close in on a target Blink can be used due to its travel distance and ability to disorient targets. When a Jolted target is defeated they will create an Ionic Trace by Spark of Ions.

Cooldowns are supplemented by the mods. Both Utility Kickstart and Grenade Kickstart are utilized to quicken cooldowns on ability usage. Grenade and Dodge will feed into one another with Bomber and Bolstering Detonation. Fragments assist as well with Spark of Focus reducing Dodge cooldown when sprinting and Spark of Recharge which recharges melee and grenade when critically wounded.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Throw one or two Skip Grenades to damage and Jolt an enemy
  2. Blink to follow up on a tagged target
  3. Finish the target with a close range weapon to create an Ionic Trace
  4. Escape using Dodge and/or Blink