Mactics' Shinobu's Vow Hunter



Mactics' Shinobu's Vow Hunter
Mactics' Shinobu's Vow Hunter

Arc Hunter build for PvE by Mactics

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Class Item

Stats Priority


Rufus's FuryLegendary Auto Rifle

Any weapons with Demolitionist are highly recommended to compliment the Skip Grenades of this build.


Shinobu's VowExotic Gauntlets

These gloves give 4 huge buffs to Skip Grenades:

  1. Grant an additional grenade
  2. Increase Skip Grenade projectile count from 4 to 5
  3. Increases the tracking of Skip Grenades
  4. Each projectile hit refunds 10% of grenade energy (up to 50% per grenade)

These buffs paired with the rest of the build allows you to spam Skip Grenades at will.

How it Works

This build is first and foremost a Skip Grenade build. Skip Grenades are buffed immensely by Shinobu's Vow and they will grant an additional grenade charge, increase their projectile count from 4 to 5, improve their tracking, and refund 10% of grenade energy for every projectile hit. This final point will refund half of a Skip Grenade's cooldown if all 5 projectiles hit. The rest of the build will fill in that other half through a few other means.

The first of those is through Ionic Traces, these refund 12.5% of grenade energy and are created when killing a jolted enemy thanks to Spark of Ions. Enemies are jolted by Skip Grenades with the Fragment Spark of Shock. Grenade kills and kills after dodging will create Orbs of Power. The initial dodge will give grenade energy from Bomber, and collecting these will in turn refund grenade energy with the Innervation mod. Orbs also have the added bonus of healing with Recuperation. The final boost to grenade energy is from 2 Grenade Kickstart mods. These mods utilize the extra armor charged from Stacks on Stacks and will refund roughly 50% of grenade energy with 4 stacks of armor charge.

If grenade is not available, this build can always fall back on the Combination Blow and Gambler's Dodge arc hunter combo. With Lethal Current you'll be able to chain together a dodge then a melee to build up stacks of increased melee damage, have dodge and Combination Blow refund one another on use, jolt enemies, and blind jolted enemies. Lastly when killing a jolted enemy you will become Amplified from Flow State.

The Fragment Spark of Amplitude takes advantage of being Amplified and will create an Orb of Power with rapid kills while Amplified. The final Fragment Spark of Resistance gives a 25% damage resistance buff when near 3 or more enemies. This final Fragment can potentially be replaced with Spark of Recharge for even better grenade recharge if the damage resistance is not needed.

The weapons of the build are quite flexible as this is a very ability dependent build. One recommendation is to utilize weapons with the Demolitionist perk. This compliments the build very well as Demolitionist weapon kills give grenade energy, and throwing a grenade will automatically reload the weapon.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Utilize Skip Grenade to jolt enemies and create Orbs of Power on kills
  2. Refund remaining grenade cooldown by collecting Orbs of Power, getting kills with Demolitionist weapons, and utilizing dodge
  3. Continue throwing grenades utilizing the armor charges to fuel Grenade Kickstart
  4. If grenades are not available utilize the dodge and Combination Blow melee cycle
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