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Zenless Zone Zero Codes: Redeem for Free Rewards

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Zenless Zone Zero Redemption Codes

Welcome to our quick resource for Zenless Zone Zero Codes. Hoyoverse frequently releases redemption codes through a variety of events, livestreams, social media, etc.

This can be an easy way to obtain more Denny, Investigator Logs (Agent Level-Up Material), Energy Modules (W-Engine Level-Up Material), Polychromes (Gacha Currency), and more.

Be sure to keep an eye on this article as we’ll stay up to date with the latest codes.

How to Redeem

Once in game, you can access the menu screen to open up the Redemption Code screen. Once in, you can simply type in the code to receive your rewards.

Zenless Zone Zero Codes

  • XTNDQAS44985
  • USNC9SB4499R
  • 4BPDRBT459RH

Where to Find Redemption Codes

Codes are always present during the Special Program livestreams. These livestreams happen before every Version (patch) update. This livestream covers all of the new content coming to the game, and rewards players with codes for free stuff.

Outside of these livestreams, Hoyoverse will include codes in a variety of special events/promotions. They may host in person events, contests, social media events, and more.

Keeping track of all of these codes can be daunting, so be sure to keep checking back to find the most up to date codes.

Even though the codes only provide a few Polychromes, this currency is crucial to pulling for ZZZ best characters.

About Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero is Hoyoverse’s newest game. It’s a fast-paced action combat RPG game based in an urban fantasy setting. You take on the role of a proxy, guiding Agents through dangerous Hollows that have ravaged the earth.

Much like Hoyoverse’s previous games (Genshin Impact/Honkai Star Rail), Zenless Zone Zero is a gacha game, meaning you obtain in-game items through a random draw.

As such, in-game currency is very premium, as this allows you to obtain characters/weapons you want. As such, players are always keeping an eye out for codes, especially those that grant Polychromes (the gacha currency).

In Conclusion

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