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Wild Rift vs Pokemon Unite (Gameplay, Characters, and Other Comparisons)

Wild Rift vs Pokemon Unite

In this article, we are going to compare both games in their similarities and their differences.

Pokemon Unite and Wild Rift are 5 vs 5 MOBA games that are meant to be played on a mobile device.

Since they both are big franchises with Pokemon being a more popular one they are going to have to battle which one is going to be the number one MOBA in the mobile market.

Pokemon Unite is already released on the Nintendo Switch but is going to launch on 22th of September on mobile.

Pokemon Unite is set in Aeos island where players will be able to play some of their childhood favourite characters like Pikachu and Charizard.

The matches are quite short where the final goal of the game is to store as much Aeos energy and scoring a goal against the enemy team.

Pokemon Unite vs Wild Rift: Gameplay

Pokemon Unite as Wild Rift is played in 5 vs 5 modes but with major differences in the gameplay.

On the one hand, Wild Rift ultimate goal is to destroy the Nexus and win the game, while playing Pokemon Unite the goal of each team is scoring as many goals as possible with the hope to outscore the enemy team before the match finishes.

Both games have different characters that have some abilities and a passive, with Wild Rift having 1 ability more to use. One key difference is that Pokemon Unite games go on for only 10 minutes and Wild Rift games have an open ending.

Another difference between Pokemon Unite and Wild Rift is, that you cant buy any items in Pokemon and you are exclusively dependent on levels and skill.

Similar to Wild Rift, Pokemon Unite has each separate legendary monster your team can compete against. In the Top lane there is a Rift Herald like a monster that is called the Rotom, once the Rotom got into a goal the enemy team can score goals without charging.

On the bottom side of the map, there is a monster called Dreadnaw like the Drake in Wild Rift, that provides a massive experience buff to your whole team.

Once it reaches the final 2 minutes of the game a Zapdos is spawning in the middle of the map that is kinda the same as the Baron Nashor, with a big difference in what it actually provides.

The Zapdos makes the goals of the team that lost it defenseless and can be a target to score easy goals.

Another difference is, that Pokemon Unite has only 2 lanes and 1 Jungle, while Wild Rift has 3 lanes and a Jungle.

This makes Wild Rift way more complex to play and kinda hard for new players to join and catch up easily.

Like in Wild Rift you will need different heroes on your team to make things actually work, like a support a tank and a bruiser. These are all fundamentals that don’t change from one game to another.

Pokemon Unite vs Wild Rift: Characters

The League of Legends universe has over 150 Champions, but they aren’t all available on Wild Rift at the moment with Riot Games adding different ones from one event to the next one.

In the Pokemon universe, there are over 900 available Pokemons without any evolution in it, with Pokemon having way more characters compared to Wild Rift, but a lot of these Pokemons are very similar to each other compared to the Champions in the League of Legends universe.

Some of the Pokemon Unite characters share the same abilities as some Wild Rift ones, like Gengar’s Ultimate that is almost the same as Kassadin’s, there is also Lucario that is a fighter and has similar abilities to Vi or Cinderace that is also very similar to Quinn.

Pokemon Unite has the ability to get way more characters in its game but they won’t be as unique as the characters in Wild Rift since they are very similar ones from generation to generation.

Which game is better?

In my opinion, there isn’t simply a better game between these 2, since they are both very enjoyable and have short game times.

Every game has its own pros and cons making it hard for someone to be able to say if one game is better than the other.

Wild Rift is a more in-depth and complex game than Pokemon Unite and every player will have to decide which game they are going to play or even play both.

Both are fun games and very polished MOBA for mobile devices, who is going to conquer at the end of the day is going to be answered in the near future.