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How to Play Ahri in Wild Rift

Wild Rift Guide: How to Play Ahri

Ahri is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. She is a poster child for the game, so it’s not uncommon for you to see her being played in Wild Rift as well. Ahri is a very good champion in Wild Rift. We currently rank her within the S-tier category for mid-laners.

Inside this Mobalytics article, we’re about to lay out the fundamentals of playing Ahri in the mid-lane of Wild Rift. We will break down her build, abilities, recommended matchups and also champions to avoid playing her into.

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How to Play Ahri in Wild Rift

  1. Abilities
  2. Runes
  3. Skill Order
  4. Build
  5. Counters
  6. Best Matchups

Ahri Wild Rift Ability Breakdown

Ready for a straightforward rundown of Ahri’s abilities in Wild Rift? Keep in mind that the descriptions and videos you’ll see are sourced exclusively from the Official Ahri Wild Rift Page.

Passive: Essence Theft- Whenever Ahri hits a target with a spell, she gains a stack of Essence Theft. When she has enough stacks, her next spell that hits an enemy also heals her.

Ability 1: Orb of Deception- Ahri sends out and pulls back her orb, dealing magic damage on the way out and true damage on the way back.

Ability 2: Fox Fire- Ahri gains a brief burst of movement speed and releases three fox-fires, that lock onto and attack nearby enemies.

Ability 3: Charm- Ahri blows a kiss that damages and charms an enemy it encounters, instantly stopping movement abilities and causing them to walk harmlessly towards her. The target temporarily takes increased damage from Ahri.

Ultimate Ability: Spirit Rush- Ahri dashes forward and fires essence bolts, damaging nearby enemies. Spirit Rush can be cast up to three times before going on cooldown.

Ahri Wild Rift Runes

Here’s the recommended Rune Page for Ahri in Wild Rift.

Credits to WildRiftFire for the Runes. 

Ahri Skill Order

Here’s the skill order for Ahri. Note that her skill order may change depending on the role.

Ahri Wild Rift Skill Order

Credits to WildRiftBuild for the skill order.

Ahri Wild Rift Build

This is one of the best builds for Ahri in Wild Rift. It is important to note that you should stay up to date with what the high-ranking players build in Wild Rift to increase your chances of winning as this guide, including the Runes, may change from patch to patch.

Credits to WildRiftFire for the Build as well.

Ahri Wild Rift Counters

Unfortunately, there are some hard counters to Ahri. In these sorts of matchups, you’ll need to adjust your playstyle so you do not get caught out and through your lead.


Fizz is an excellent counter to Ahri. Fizz is stronger than Ahri early on, and he can all-in the Ahri often in the early game. The good thing about this matchup for Ahri is that she has the range advantage and can bully him from afar.


Zed is a strong all-in champion as well. He has good poke, and after landing a few abilities on the Ahri, he can easily all-in her. If you’re unfortunately playing in this matchup, use your Ultimate to run away as soon as he Ults you.


Yasuo can block all of your damaging abilities with his Wind Wall. But unfortunately, that isn’t the only problem Ahri faces in this matchup. Yasuo can all-in her when she walks in or near the minion wave. His strong all-in and kill pressure produces a poor laning phase for Ahri.

Best Matchups for Ahri in Wild Rift

We will now discuss 3 good matchups for Ahri in Wild Rift.


Orianna is a weak champion compared to Ahri early on. Orianna wants to farm and push in this matchup, whereas Ahri wishes to fight. If you keep this in mind and force fights, you can set her behind from the get-go.


Katarina is a very mobile champion, which isn’t ideal for Ahri, but you can easily counter her with your charm if you time it correctly. Katarina will often miss play, especially in the lower levels, so you can abuse her. Just hold on to your charm.


Akali is an aggressive champion, but she is also melee too. As Ahri, you have the range advantage, which allows you to bully her down often. You also have your Q for long-ranged poke. In this matchup, watch your positioning and abuse your range.

To Conclude

That about finishes our beginners guide to Ahri in Wild Rift. What did you think of it? Please remember that this article was aimed at complete beginners, so if you’ve already played Ahri, maybe it wasn’t for you. Let us know who you want to see next!

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