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Wild Rift Beginner Guide: Arcane Characters Overview

Wild Rift: Arcane Character Guide

This is the first animated series of Riot Games and its been released on the 6th of November on Netflix. It has been an all-round hit and is already number one in several countries. Week by week they release a new act of the story with the final act coming out on 20th November.

The story takes place in a big town that is separated in two, one named Piltover and the other one Zaun. Piltover is the town where all the rich and sophisticated people live and Zaun on the other hand is the underworld where all the rejected and poor ones live. The two main characters of the story are Jinx and Vi that live in Zaun. There are also other characters like Jayce and Caitlyn who live in Piltover. We are going to show you the ones that are in Wild Rift and playable at the moment.


She is one of the main characters in the series. Jinx lives in Zaun with her sister Vi and Vander. She is also one of the characters with the most development in the series overall.

If you were fascinated by the character in the series, you will maybe want to play her in Wild Rift. She is an ADC(stands for Attack Damage Carry) that can shoot from far away with her gatling gun. She can also shoot with rockets and has several abilities that do damage and root the enemies. Her ultimate is a huge rocket that does a lot of damage if the enemy is low on health.


She is the bigger sister of Jinx and is also one of the main characters in the series. She also lives in Zaun. She is also the one that is a leader of group that tries to steal things from the upper world Piltover and is very carring with Jinx.

Vi is played in the Jungle role and is pretty easy to play if you want to hop into a game and try her. She is a Champion with a lot of croud controll and physical damage. She is also pretty tanky and can always engage into the fights.


This is one of the characters that lives in Piltover and is pretty much privileged. He is also a scientist who tries to controll magic with science and also achieves it. He is one of the best if not the best scientist in Piltover who tries to explore things no one else dares to.

In the game Jayce is a character that has two forms, one is his melee form and the other one is the ranged form. He has no ultimate but has six different abilites, if you use them in the correct order you almost one shot any squishy enemie target in the game. He is pretty hard to play and not a very beginner friendly champion, so it wouldnt be the best idea if you are beginner to start off with this one.


She is the daughter of some aristocrats the are viewed very highly in Piltover. She is the assistant of Jayce and the best friend of him. Later on she becomes an enforcer and tries to battle criminality.

Caitlyn like Jinx is an ADC, that can shoot from really far away, since she has the highest range in the game. She is not complicated at all to play and has a very playin kit. Most of her damage comes out of auto attacks. She also has traps that can stun people aswell as a jump that slow their enemies. Her ultimate can be used as an execute that locks into an enemy and shoots from really far away.


He is the chemist of Silco that produces different potions for him that are very dangerous if used with wrong intentions. So far overall we havent seen a lot of him and is almost a side character.

Singed is a Baron laner that is deals magic damage with his poison. His strength is splitpushing since he is able to run very fast with his ultimate and clean up waves very fast. He is not hard to play but hard to be successfull with, since you have to know where you can position yourself and how far you can push the wave before you are totally overextended.


If you are interested taking a deeper dive into the world of League of Legends, you can always start playing one of their games. If you are new this is a good overall explanation how each of the characters of the show work.

Some of you might not enjoy the game as much as the show. If so just better stick to the show. But the Wild Rift community is open and welcoming to everyone that wants to try a new game.