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TFT Set 7.5: How to Play 6 Dragons

How to Play Multi Dragon Comps

Dragons have been the focal point of TFT since the release of Set 7, and the Dragon comps have only gotten crazier.

Since Set 7.5, you are now able to play multiple Dragons in the same comp, and you get strong bonuses for doing so.

Furthermore, with the recent patch, there is now a bonus for having 6 Dragons, “Your Dragons Ascend!”

TFT Set 7.5 Dragons

What are Ascended Dragons?

Since the trait does not specify very well, ascended Dragons all gain bonus stats. As of writing this article ascended Dragons gain:

  • +30 AD
  • +30 AP
  • +30 Armor
  • +30 Magic Resist
  • +30 Attack Speed

Considering your entire board will basically be Dragons, the bonus stats add up to the point where your board is basically invincible.

How to Fit 6 Dragons on One Board

Now you might be wondering, “6 Dragons is 12 unit slots… how am I supposed to fit that?” There are a couple of ways you can achieve this, but let’s go over each of them.

Firstly, by having 4 Dragons on your board, the Dragon bonus gives you 1 extra unit slot. This means at level 9, with only Dragons, you are able to fit 5 Dragons on your board. Here are the few ways of getting to that 6th Dragon.

Tactician’s Crown

TFT Tactician's Crown

The first method is the most obvious. If you can get 4 Spatulas, you can increase your team size to 12 and put in 6 Dragons at level 9. This method is quite unlikely, but it’s possible.

Level Up!

TFT Level Up Augment

The next method uses the Level Up augment. With this augment, you can now reach level 10. This means that with only one Tactician’s Crown, you will once again be able to reach a team size of 12, and fit in 12 Dragons.

Dragon Soul

TFT Dragon Soul Augment

The last method, and the easiest one, is the Dragon Soul augment. This gives your Dragon count +1. Thus, at level 9, with only 5 Dragons, you will still be able to reach the 6 Dragon bonus.

While you technically don’t have 6 Dragons, you’ll be getting the 6 Dragon bonus which will make your team near unstoppable.

End Game 6 Dragon Board

TFT 6 Dragons

For the most part, the three strongest Dragons you want to build around are Ao Shin, Terra, and Shyvana. These three are arguably the strongest and each provide something crucial. Ao Shin will carry with damage, Terra will be the best frontline, and Shyvana is the best mix of frontline, CC, and damage.

Let’s talk about the other Dragons as well.

  • Daeja: Good for providing more backline damage. Is also strong dependent on the Mirage of your specific game.
  • Idas: Can be additional frontline, or can even replace Terra if you can’t find Terra.
  • Shi Oh Yu: Good for providing additional utility as well as a mix of frontline and damage.
  • Zippy: A solid option before you find other stronger Dragons. Mainly used for CC and frontline.
  • Swain: Not really recommended as you don’t want to sacrifice any of your Dragons for the Darkflight trait. Can be used in the mid game as a transition if you have Zz’Rot Portal.
  • Sohm: There isn’t room for Mages in the comp, but if you have a Mage Emblem, can be usable.
  • Sy’fen: Another decent frontline option that is a mix of tank and damage.
  • Aurelion Sol: Can be used as your main carry over Ao Shin if you can’t find Ao Shin.
  • Nomsy: A decent Dragon in the mid game, but has better options in the higher cost Dragons.

How to get to Level 9

In order to play 6 Dragons, you definitely need to be able to reach level 9, which isn’t easy. If you haven’t read our guide on leveling strategies yet, be sure to check that out as it will provide the foundation for reaching level 9.

To quickly summarize, there are two paths to reaching level 9 consistently.

  1. You are able to win streak super hard and reach level 9
  2. You decide to lose streak and build up economy to reach level 9

Option 1 is hard to control, but is safer. Option 2 gives you more control in each game, but you risk simply dying at 8th.

Win Streaking

If you find yourself in a strong winning position, and find the opportunity to run 6 Dragons, you can simply slowly transition your board over to 6 Dragons (or quickly transition if you are confident).

For example, maybe you are on a perfect win streak by simply playing strongest board, and your last augment comes up as Dragon Soul. That could be a perfect opportunity to start transitioning over to more Dragons.

Lose Streaking

On the other hand, maybe the first augment you find is Dragon Soul or Level Up. In this case, you can opt to try and lose streak the entire game until you pivot into a full Dragon comp at level 8/9.

In this scenario, you will want to use the Astral trait in the early game to build up economy.

TFT Astral

By using this trait early, you can get a little bit of extra gold which will greatly improve your economy in the later stages of the game.

One thing to keep in mind is that lose streaking as a strategy is quite risky. You need to ideally maintain a perfect losing streak, while also saving as much HP as you can. This means you need to scout to ensure that you don’t lose to any opponents, and also make the most out of what little you can scrounge together to save HP.

Eventually, once you need to stabilize at level 8 or 9, you can simply add in a bunch of Dragons and watch them work their magic.

Stabilizing at Level 8

Assuming you decided to lose streak, there may come a point where you need to stabilize and ensure you don’t die. This would happen before you are able to put together all 6 Dragons.

In this case, a safe option is to try and go for something like 4 Dragons at level 8. This will give you the extra team slot to add in another unit. Hopefully by now you’ve been accumulating some Dragons. Here is an example board you can try to stabilize with.

TFT 4 Dragons Stabilize

Daeja is a perfect item holder for Ao Shin later on, and you can even keep Daeja in your final team comp if you have enough AP items.

Idas is a perfectly strong tank, especially with good tank items. Hopefully you can find one copy of Shyvana as she will provide a ton to the team and is a great Morello holder.

Lastly, Shi Oh Yu is there to provide Mystic along with Rakan who is a great companion to this team comp.

This board should hopefully keep you afloat as you reach level 9 and try to put in 6 Dragons.


All in all, playing 6 Dragons is arguably the epitomy of Set 7.5. If you can achieve this comp, you will have played probably the strongest comp of the set (excluding 3 stars).

However, playing a comp like this requires a lot of knowledge and skill about the game. You can definitely high roll your way into this comp, but lose streaking into 6 Dragons requires good knowledge about transitions, strongest board, keeping streaks, good itemization, etc.

Hopefully this general outline is good enough to explain the basics. Unfortunately, this article would go on forever if I were to talk about every transition or streaking tip there is. Even still, with some practice, you should be able to eventually go for this comp.

Even still, you will need to be patient and wait for the games where you are blessed with augments like Dragon Soul to help you get there.

Good luck and have fun climbing!